IEC 61850 integrated protection, control, telecommunication systems



EG. TRANSMISSION | SAS to monitor and improve PGCIL’s transmission capacity in Jharkhand, India

ZIV supplied protection, control, communication and monitoring products and systems to Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) Jharkhand, India. The project was jointly managed with CG’s Engineering Projects Division, India. It was intended to help monitor and improve PGCIL’s transmission capacity across the state.  

The deal involved the supply of one ZIV IEC-61850 SAS for the 220/132/33 kV Govindpur substation and the extension of the 132kV Manoharpur, Jaduguda, Dalbhumgarh, Jamtara, and Rourkela substations in the state of Jharkhand, India. It included the manufacture and supply of ZIV IEDs, systems integration and engineering services. The Factory Acceptance Tests took place in Zamudio, where PGCIL engineers were welcomed.

EG. DISTRIBUTION | Turn-key solution for protection and automation, working with the main contractor, NRS GROUP, from Livingston (Scotland), GAMESA ENERGY UK LIMITED (GEUK) and WESTERN POWER DISTRIBUTION

ZIV was awarded with the contract to provide a turn-key solution for protection and automation at Llynfl Afan Renewable Energy Park. Working with the main contractor, the wind turbine manufacturer and WPD, ZIV applied 25 year experience contributing to bring this project into a successful end.

Llynfl Afan Renewable Energy Park consists of 12 wind turbines rated at 2MW each with a total installed capacity of 24MW. Renewable energies continue to increase their market share of the generation sector, shaping how we approach generation, transmission and distribution. The site of this project is on land in Neath Port Talbot (NPTCBC), Bridgend (BCBC) and Rhondda Cynon Taff (RCTCBC) County Borough Councils, in South Wales. Read the case: 5_SAS_UK_LLyn_WPD

EG. RENEWABLES | Automation & Communication System for 400/220kv Thermosolar Substation. Logrosan, Spain

ZIV designed an IEC61850 protection, automation and communication system for a group of substations, located in the Spanish province of Extremadura, that collect all the power from several Thermosolar plants in the area and deliver it to the REE (Red Electrica de España, Spanish transmission company). The system included an integrated protection and control system for the substations Termosolar-1, Termosolar-2, Colectora and Nodal. (10 P&C pannels and 2 metering pannel fully equipped).  It also included the communication system via fiber optic, including ZIV Teleprotection system,  and the integrated communication system to connect to REE Valdecaballeros Substation and to the collateral Solaben TV Plant system (six substations).


ZIV counts with a vast experience as provider of substation automation solutions using integrated protection and control systems, integrating legacy and modern standards such as IEC 61850.

EG. EPC | System upgrade. Kenya Power

Kenya Power owns and operates most of the electricity transmission and distribution system in the country and sells electricity to over 2.6 million customers (as at April 2014). The Company’s key mandate is to plan for sufficient electricity generation and transmission capacity to meet demand; building and maintaining the power distribution and transmission network and retailing of electricity to its customers.  ZIV Automation together with CG Power have been working with Kenya Power since 2009 to support their extensive re-electrification of the Nairobi and Mombasa regions to improve the reliability of supply to both domestic and industrial consumers.This included the implementation of a programme to upgrade/build 132/66/33kV substations and interconnecting 132kV overhead transmission lines. The programme had to be implemented in 4 phases each of which had to be executed in a short time frame with strict budgetary constraints.

Each SAS was based on ZIV´s automation solution utilising RTU and HMI products. The RTU was based on our well established XCellhardware with its multi-protocol communications capability. The protection relays included ZIV’s range of products communicating via the IEC61850 protocol.


ZIV_PLC_teleprotection_systemsZIV telecom solutions make possible the integration of all the available automation functions, enable communications between substations, control centers and even allow data to be exchanged between different distribution load centers.

Communications between substations have to be secure and reliable. There are several critical services (data, voice, teleprotection) with
different characteristics and requirements that must be transmitted efficiently through the available communication media. In order to meet the N+1 criteria for these critical services, both main and back-up channels have to be usually considered and it is quite common to use independent technologies for each one of these channels.

ZIV has a wide experience in the execution of communication projects for substations including the use of different technologies (Fiber Optic, Power-Line Carrier, radio links, etc). One of the key added‑values of ZIV for these communication solutions is that high-performance PLC terminals as well as extremely reliable teleprotection units are included in its portfolio. ZIV PLC terminals allow to have back-up channels for both teleprotection and high speed data channels (maximum throughput up to 320kbit/s) including many different user interfaces (Serial and Ethernet). ZIV Teleprotection units can be used in any available communication media (SDH network, PLC links, single-mode or multi‑mode fiber optic, IP networks, …).


A new power plant (Kinyerezi) was built in Tanzania by Jacobsen Elektro and ZIV was in charge of the design, supply, commissioning and training of the complete telecommunication system following TANESCO’s standards. The project consisted not only in providing all the necessary new communication equipment for Kinyerezi but also in suppling/upgrading different equipment of other substations of TANESCO (Ubungo and FZII).

A solution with main and back-up channel was considered for the transmission of all critical services (including teleprotection) using both fiber optics and Power-Line Carrier. Equipment supplied had the necessary interfaces to connect the new equipment as well as the old one.

All the required services (including voice, data and teleprotection) are transmitted through two independent and reliable communication systems. The capacity of the supplied terminals highly exceeds the current requirements so the customer will be able to include new services with higher communication demand in the future.

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