ZIV to supply a Substation Automation Systems to monitor and improve PGCIL’s transmission capacity in Jharkhand, India

ZIV has supplied its first batch of protection, control, communication and monitoring products and systems to Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) Jharkhand, India. The project was jointly managed with CG’s Engineering Projects Division, India. It is intended to help monitor and improve PGCIL’s transmission capacity across the state.

The deal involved the supply of one ZIV IEC-61850 SAS for the 220/132/33 kV Govindpur substation and the extension of the 132kV Manoharpur, Jaduguda, Dalbhumgarh, Jamtara, and Rourkela substations in the state of Jharkhand, India. It included the manufacture and supply of ZIV IEDs, systems integration and engineering services. Factory Acceptance Tests took place in Zamudio, where PGCIL engineers were welcomed.

BENEFITS: ZIV intelligent substation automation solutions are a key element to develop a safer and more efficient network. PGCIL is one of the largest power transmission utilities in the world that is developing a robust Integrated National Grid and participating in the Indian Government’s flagship program, ‘Power for all’. Through the execution of this order, ZIV will qualify as a complete solutions provider which can build an intelligent integrated SAS engineered around high-end technology products. ZIV aims to widen its Substation Automation and Smart Grid offer spectrum and play a major role in strengthening the country’s power networks.


KEY WINS: This contract represents ZIV’s first SAS order from PGCIL. This year SAS Product Line has achieved other important wins in terms of entering new markets, where our products have been approved. These approvals are the first and most important step to secure the growth of the business as the recent ones recently got in Indonesia (PLN) and Thailand (EGAT). Additionally ZIV has achieved a 160% market growth in KSA for SAS product line in the last year.  Former SEC (Saudi Electricity Company), now NG-National Grid, approved the first protections back in 2012 and has become one of our most important clients worldwide. Moreover, SEC has recently approved also our smart meters and awarded us with a very important contract


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