ZIV Automation solving Transmission Grid stability

For Network Online Magazine  . October 2017

ZIV Automation solving Transmission Grid stability problems by managing aggregated reactive power.

Reactive power is needed to maintain stable voltage levels on the transmission network. The replacement of conventional generation with renewable generation is resulting in less reactive power reserves and an increasing risk of voltage instability and collapse.

ZIV Automation is currently supplying a solution to ESB Networks, Ireland, that controls and aggregates reactive power from a number of DERs to provide voltage support to the Transmission Network. The ZIV Vpp acts like a single virtual generator to the TSO but is really managing the individual DERs and transformer tap changers behind the connection point.

The Transmission System Operator (TSO) sets a target voltage or reactive power that it needs delivered at the connection point. The ZIV Vpp takes this target voltage / reactive power and distributes it as a series of reactive power set-points to the various generators proportional to their reactive power capacity and their de-rated effectiveness at the connection point. The system constantly monitors the voltage / reactive power at the TSO interface and adjusts the reactive power at the DERs such that the aggregated value is within limits. It controls the tap-changers on the medium / high voltage transformers to achieve the reactive power and avoid any voltage violations on the MV network.

The ZIV solution consists of three main elements: a Central Controller (running the intricate algorithms and interfacing with the Distribution System Operator (DSO) and TSO); Generation Management Units located at each generator site to control the various generators to achieve the desired setpoints; Tap Control Units that manage the transformer tap changers to maintain the MV network voltage.

ZIV Automation is delivering similar innovative power management solutions to power utilities across the globe.

About ESB

Electricity Supply Board (ESB) was established in 1927 as a statutory corporation in the Republic of Ireland under the Electricity (Supply) Act 1927. With a holding of 95%, ESB is majority owned by the Irish Government with the remaining 5% held by the trustees of an Employee Share Ownership Plan.

As a strong, diversified, vertically integrated utility, ESB operates right across the electricity market: from generation, through transmission and distribution to supply. In addition, ESB extracts further value at certain points along this chain: supplying gas, using our networks to carry fibre for telecommunications, developing electric vehicle public charging infrastructure and more.



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