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Modular switchgears with integrated ZIV relays delivered to several wind & solar power projects in Spain

5 modular switchgears with integrated multifunction relays (ZIV IRF model) and Self-powered relays (ZIV IRS model) have just been delivered to Isotron for Alfanar´s 22.2 MW Soliedra wind project in Soria Location: Spain Substation: SET Escalareta, Valdeabajo, Soliedra, La Estancia, Raya, Raca, Tolosana, Talasol, Peguerillas, etc... Client / EPC: Siemens Gamesa, Alfanar,Metka, Engie, Grenalia, Cobra Energía, Eiffage, GES, Isotron, Elecnor, [...]

ZIV do Brasil commissions two new Substation Automation Systems for ENEL (Brazil)

The protection and control panels for Enel Group at “Conceição de Macabú” and “Piabanha” substations have been successfully commissioned. Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Substation: SET Conceição de Macabú, SET Piabanha Client: Enel Group Substation Automation System: ZIV ZIV do Brasil Both SAS are part of the scope of a contract with Enel Rio de Janeiro to equip 4 substations [...]

ZIV performs the FATS for Calama & Capriconio SA Systems (Chile)

The IEC 61850 Substation Automation Systems tested in Zamudio for GES and ENGIE have been sent to Chile. Location: Antofagasta, Chile Substation: SET Calama, SET Capricornio Promotor: Engie Energía Chile EPC: GES Substation Automation System: ZIV IEC 61850 multivendor The Multi-vendor IEC 61850 system based mainly on “ZIV e-NET flex” cybersecure relays, that will be communicated with the CEN through ICCP [...]

Duna & Huambos Wind Parks to be equipped with a ZIV SAS (Peru)

The Portuguese EPC, “CJR renewables” which was awarded the Project by Spanish “Grenergy”, relied on ZIV for the supply of a complete SAS at both substations 138/34,5/22,9kV Location: Chota, Perú Substation: Duna & Huambos 138/34,5/22,9kV Client: Grenergy EPC: CJR Substation Automation System: ZIV relays , Telecomunication cabinets, engineering services Keywords: ZIV e-net Flex Family, IEC61850, GOOSE, HV Substation KPLC, protection [...]

ZIV and EZEETEC trained KPLC enginneers in Nairobi (Kenya)

ZIV and EZEETEC engineers shared 5 days on a training course in Nairobi with KPLC team. The onsite training at the Steel Billets substation was focused on troubleshooting techniques and communications between the protection relays to the RTU and from the RTU to the national control center., #IEC61850 Multivendor SAS Location: Nairobi, Kenya Substation: Steel billets, Cigiri & Cianda 66/11kV [...]

ZIV measures to prevent coronavirus and ensure business continuity

ZIV has taken exceptional measures to prevent Coronavirus and is working to ensure the well-being of our employees while continuing to serve the critical needs of our customers. As we continue to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely, the health and well-being of our associates, clients, and their employees is of utmost importance to us. We are keenly focused on our [...]

Calama: A multivendor IEC 61850 SAS communicated with the CEN via ICCP protocol (Chile)

ZIV supplies its latest technology in Protection and Control Systems to GES in Chile. A Multi-vendor IEC 61850 system based mainly on “ZIV e-NET flex” cybersecure relays, communicated with the CEN through ICCP protocol. Location: Antofagasta, Chile Substation: SET Calama Promotor: Engie Energía Chile EPC: GES Substation Automation System: ZIV IEC 61850 multifvendor ZIV, GES & ENGIE in Chile Engie Energía [...]

Talasol Solar Plant IEC 61850 SAS – METKA – Eiffage (Spain)

ZIV has been awarded a contract for the supply, configuration and commissioning of the Protection, Control and Communications systems of Talasol Solar Plant Substation Location: Talaván, Extremadura (Spain) Substations: Talasol Promoter: Metka EPC: Eiffage Energía Substation Automation System: ZIV IEC 61850 SAS Greek METKA, a subsidiary of MYTILINEOS, awarded Eiffage Energía the construction of the electric insfrastructure of the solar [...]

ZIV to debate about Electric Vehicles charging efficiency at COP25

Metrology as a tool to improve the efficiency of electric vehicle charging and the performance of electric vehicle batteries Date: 12/12/2019 (11.00 h – 13.30 h) Location: Sala A del Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo, Castellana 160. Mesa 5. Organized by: Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo, CEM - Centro Español de Metrología Keywords: EV, charging, efficiency, climate change, [...]

Enel Goias to integrate ZIV 61850 Substation Automation Systems (Brazil)

The first phase of the Enel Distribuição Goiás project will conclude with the delivery of 59 protection & control cabinets. Location: Brazil Substations: SE Anápolis Universitário, Campinas e Atlântico. Client: Enel Substation Automation System: ZIV The first 11 ZIV SAS cabinets have been successfully delivered accomplishing on time the initial goals of phase 1. Transformer protection and Line cabinets Phase [...]


ZIV Training on Protection and Control Systems, May 2020

Abierto el plazo de inscripciones Aplicación de Equipos de Protección y Sistemas Integrados de Protección y Control en Subestaciones y Sistemas Eléctricos de Potencia Please, check the page in Spanish for further information. If you would like to participate in a training course in English, please be so kind to request it via the website form. Programa:

Middle East Energy 2020 – H6D10

{{ }} Meet us in DUBAI to discover the MODULAR meter that ensures reliable data transmission even in the most challenging powerline media conditions ZIV will be also showcasing its expertise in Substation Automation Systems and Distribution Automation Solutions. With  References in 85 countries and a experience of 25 years developing smart solutions based on OPEN STANDARDS, ZIV is ready [...]

India Smart Utility Week

{{ }} VISIT ZIV at the European Union Zone to learn about best practices in Substation Automation Systems implementation   Substation Automation Systems Worldwide References Distribution Automation Solutions Interested? Contact us to book a meeting Follow usContact us

IEC 61850 process bus – experts panel REE ZIV CIGRE

{{ }} IEC 61850 process bus - experiences Experts panel. Program Interested? Register here and join us on the 17th of March! Follow usContact us

Electro Mobility AEDIVE – AFBEL – ZIV at GENERA 2020

{{ }} The smart grids are key for the Electric Vehicle deployment Aitor Amezua, on behalf of AFBEL, Association of Manufacturers of Medium and High Voltage Electrical Equipment Goods, will participate in the workshop organized by AEDIVE at GENERA 2020 About ZI chargers ZIV EVM: domestic charger ZIV PRV-M: dual socket wall mounted charger ZIV PRV-VP: dual socket AC [...]

Electro Mobility Workshop – ZIV AC EV charging solutions

{{ }} ZIV EV charging solutions, key benefits ZIV has been invited to the workshop on EV charging solutions organized by Saltoki, where the main manufacturers will explain their solutions to local installers. ZIV EVM: domestic charger ZIV PRV-M: dual socket wall mounted charger ZIV PRV-VP: dual socket AC charger for public use Workshop Program: BILBAO-Hotel puerta de Bilbao [...]

The Digital Substation & IEC 61850 interoperabilty – experts panel

{{ }} The Digital Substation & IEC 61850 interoperability Experts panel. Date: March 17th Location: ETSIDI-UPM Ronda de Valencia 3. 28012 Madrid Speakers & Program Interested? Register here and join us on the 17th of March! Follow usContact us

E.DSO and InnoEnergy Workshop

{{ }} Data in the energy transition: Driving the electrons that make your future Towards the Paris Agreement and as a foundation to the European Green Deal, the pressure on developing and deploying low or zero-carbon technologies increased on a dramatic scale. Member States are thus facing an urgent need to transform their energy systems.  Distribution System Operators (DSOs), [...]

ZIV at LCNI Conference 2019 | Glasgow 30 – 31 Oct

DSO / TSO AUTOMATION PLATFORM Over recent years ZIV Automation has been working with DNOs and TSOs to provide grid support services from the distribution network to the transmission grid. This is providing grid stability and enabling the transition of DNOs to DSOs. Do not hesitate to visit us to get to know more about our experiences and technological capacity [...]


Seminar Once again, we will be happy to share two days with our spanish clients on the occassion of the Annual Seminar. It will be held in Madrid, next October 16th and 17th Two days dedicated to debate about new applications in the fields of Metering, EV charging and Distribution Automation Solutions and Substation Automation Futher information in Spanish. Agenda [...]

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