ZIV delivers HMI control cabinets to Enel Goias (Brazil)

The second phase of the Enel Distribuição Goiás project continues with the supply of the first units of a total of 38 HMI server control panels.

  • Location: Brazil
  • Substations: 
  • Client: Enel
  • Substation Automation System: ZIV

A fully redundant IEC 61850 local and remote control solution supported by ZIV Switches that meets the highest availability

About ZIV IEC 61850 L2/L3 substation switches

Main features

ZIV SW3 substation swithc features - L2/L3

ZIV SW3 substation swithc features

A quick view of what´s new in this platform (SW3)

  • HW based inter-VLAN IPv4 routing
  • Routing information
    • Static (user configured)
    • Dynamic using routing protocols RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPFv2 and BGPv4. Any protocol combination is allowed, even IP interface sharing
    • Traffic fitering (ACL) bases in multiple fields
      • Input interface
      • Output interface
      • Source IP
      • Destination IP
      • Service protocol (TCP, UDP)
  • VRRP protocol with multiple instances
  • DHCP server with multiple instances

ZIV Routers can manage the cellular interface depending on VRRP role and also can execute multiple instances

About the ENEL – ZIV frame contract

ZIV was awarded in 2019 a large contract to supply protection and control systems to Enel Goias based on the ZIV e-NET flex protection relays family.

The first batch of protection panels was supplied in January 2020. Since then ZIV do Brazil team has been working hard to comply with the delivery plan a fully support Enel Goias commisioning schedule.


About ENEL Goias

Enel Distribuição Goiás, formerly Celg Distribuição S.A. and subsidiary of Enel Brasil since 2016, is a Brazilian private power distribution company founded in 1956 and operating in the State of Goiás from its head office in Goiânia, which serves 2.8 million commercial, industrial and residential clients.

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