ZIV delivers its first SAS to Diverxia through OHLA

A complete substation automation system to protect three solar parks connected to the Venalta substation, which delivers the energy into a single 220kV line at the Huéneja substation.

  • The contractor OHLA awarded ZIV the Integrated Protection and Control System for the Venalta project
  • ZIV has equipped the new Venalta substation and a new line position for Huéneja (220kV)
  • A complete SAS for three solar parks capable of generating 150MW

This is the first collaboration between ZIV and OHLA engineering. The final client is Diverxia Infrastructure, the promoter of a photovoltaic complex made up of three solar parks connected to the Venalta substation, which delivers the energy into a single 220kV line at the Huéneja substation. It will generate the energy equivalent to the annual consumption of around ninety-five thousand Spanish homes.

ZIV has equipped the Venalta substation with an Integrated Protection, Control and Communications System (SAS), and the new 220kV line position of the Huéneja substation. ZIV modular and cybersecure protection relays have already been integrated in the cabinets.  The engineering and commissioning services have been provided from a ZIV team located at the company headquarters in Zamudio (Spain).

Diverxia has invested more than 100 million euros in the construction of this large photovoltaic complex, located in the province of Granada, which, during its construction phase, has created more than 180 new direct jobs, many of them for local labour.

About Diverxia Infrastructure

With more than 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Diverxia Infrastructure works in the development and execution of large infrastructure projects all over the world. Currently, in addition to the Huéneja project, it is working on the promotion of projects in Malaga, Puertollano (Ciudad Real), Zaragoza and Cuenca, as well as other importants photovoltaic installations in Latin America.

About OHLA

OHLA, previously known as OHL, is a global infrastructure group with more than 110 years of history. In recent years, OHLA has executed projects with a total installed capacity of more than 1,000 megawatts (MW) of different technologies – basically solar and wind power. Most projects have been developed in its strategic markets in the world, such as Spain, the United States, Mexico and Chile, and also in other countries such as Uruguay, Italy and Jordan.

About ZIV

ZIV Aplicaciones y Tecnologia is a company based in the North of Spain offering a complete portfolio of digital protection &control, metering, communication, monitoring and automation equipment and systems for generation, transmission and distribution electric utilities, industries and EPC contractors worldwide.  With a commitment to innovation, to an open and flexible approach, and to teamwork, ZIV has grown to become a leader in SMART SOLUTIONS for HV, MV and LV Grids – serving customers in more than 85 countries.

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