ZIV SAS for Photovoltaic Solar Plant «Huelva 2020»

ZIV will provide a complete SAS for the solar photovoltaic plant «Huelva 2020» that will generate clean energy in Gibraleón.

  • Location: Gibraleón, Huelva, Spain
  • Substations: SET Peguerillas
  • Promoter: Alter Enersun
  • EPC: GES
  • Substation Automation System: ZIV

The town of Huelva will have an extensive solar plant with more than 130,000 photovoltaic panels distributed over 80 hectares, and an installed capacity of 49MWp capable of producing 95 million kilowatts / hour per year, which means the annual consumption of a city of 125,000 people.

This project corresponds to the megawatts awarded to the company Alter Enersun in the Third 2017 Renewable Energy Auction held in Spain.

GES, a multinational specialist in construction of renewable plants, will be responsible for the development of detailed engineering, equipment suppliy, civil works, mechanical assembly, electrical installation, and the construction of the substation.

GES has relied on ZIV to provide the equipment, services and SAS systems for the Peguerillas Interconnection substation.
IRV protection and control IEDs

The IRV protection and control IEDs are the backbone of the SAS in this project. These are multifunction devices for high and medium voltage applications in lines, transformers, generators, etc … for complete protection of the substation bay.


Gibraleón, Huelva: https://goo.gl/maps/sPZTxL3N5xJ9P5D47

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