Protection and Control Relays


ZIV e-NET Flex Family protection & control IEDs

Modular, flexible & cybersecure protection IEDs designed to meet the most demanding requirements in each application field.

  • DBF       Distributed Busbar Protection with Ethernet HSR or PRP Redundant communication between the central and bay units, based on process bus
  • DLF        Line Differential Protection with Distance Backup. Both units are suitable for lines of any voltage level, overhead or under ground, multiterminal, and single or parallel circuits.
  • IDF         Transformer Protection for two or three winding transformer or autotransformer, of any voltage level, with single or double circuit breaker.
  • IRF         Feeder Protection IED for distribution feeders, transformers and generators, transmission line backup, and BCU (Bay Control Unit for single or double circuit breaker).
  • RTF        Automatic Voltage Regulator for up to 5 power transformers in parallel.
  • ZLF         Distance Protection suitable for lines of any voltage level, single or double circuit breaker with any configuration: overhead or underground, single or parallel circuits


👉👉 New brochure:  HFLEX2202Iv01.PDF

👉👉 ZIV IEDs Basic Configuration using ZIV Tools New Instructions Manual:  MBCONF2405Iv00

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