Brazil’s National Interconnected System (SIN) increases reliability


Brazil’s National Interconnected System (SIN) increases reliability  due to a ZIV busbar system installed for the Brazilian Utility CHESF at Fortaleza II 500/230kV substation.

The ZIV DBN model Busbar Protection and Circuit Breaker Failure scheme, was applied in the 230kV sector of CHESF’s Fortaleza II Substation. The 4-section, double busbar consists of 18 bays, including transmission lines, transformers, transfer and busbar sectioning. The completion of this project provided a gain in availability and reliability for the National Interconnected System (SIN).

Nilson Oliveira, from ZIV do Brazil said, “I’m proud of the ZIV team for delivering another successful project. We would like to thank CHESF for once again trusting us to deliver a protection scheme on their behalf”.

Busbar protections:

DBC – Busbar Protection Central Unit

DBP – Busbar Protection Bay Unit

DCV – Busbar Protection Bay Unit + Capacitor Bank Protection

DRV – Busbar Protection Bay Unit + Feeder Protection

IRV-Z ·  Bus Differential / Feeder Protection Bay Unit

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Busbar protecction relays DBN ZIV


A Companhia Hidro Elétrica do São Francisco – Chesf é subsidiária da Eletrobras e tem como atividade principal a geração, a transmissão e a comercialização de energia elétrica.

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