ZIV installs a Substation Automation System at Latin America’s largest photovoltaic power plant

Complete 61850 Substation Automation System (SAS) and associated engineering. Intelligent Electrical Devices (IED), system integration, commissioning, and training.

ZIV through the Spanish contractor Isastur, has installed, in the Llanos de LLampo substation, in Chile, a complete 61850 SAS based on ZIV protection IEDs and  a SAS gateway, providing also the associated engineering, system integration, commissioning, and training services. The size of the order is 500.000 Euros.

SunEdison’s 100-Megawatt Llano de Llampos substation is located in the Atacama Desert in Chile. It distributes the energy generated by the largest Solar Photovoltaic Plant in Latin America (100 MW). The Substation’s PV modules transform sunlight radiation into direct current (DC) electric power after converting it to alternating current (AC) by means of an inverter. This power is then distributed through the Sistema Interconectado Central High Voltage (HV) power lines.


Speaking about this SAS project, Mr. Alejandro Vega, Isastur project Manager at Llano de Campos, said “ZIV played a key role in the successful commissioning of the 61850 Substation Automation System, meeting both delivery time and budget. They have continually displayed their technical ability to ensure minimum deviations throughout the commissioning period. We are very satisfied with the supplied ZIV 61850 SAS and with the service provided all the way from tender to commissioning.”


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