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Complete Substation Automation Systems + DERMs: Protection, Control, Telecommunication & Metering IEDs for electric substations.

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A quick view of some Success Stories

UKs Power Potential Project – DERMS

UKs Power Potential Project based on ZIV technology is estimated to save £19.5M through optimisation of DNO assets. The system allows National Grid ESO to procure network support services from UK Power Networks’ distribution network Distributed Energy Resources actively participate by offering available capacity Estimated to save £19.5M with additional benefits of £23M through optimisation of DNO assets

ZIV to update Brazilian CHEF’s teleprotection system

148 IEC 61850 edition 2 certified teleprotections For 37 transmission lines In 74 cabinets  Remotely managed ZIV signed a new contract with CHESF to update the teleprotection system of 37 230kV transmission lines. The project foresees the provision of 148 units of ZIV´s TPU teleprotection model. The IEC 61850 edition 2 compliant devices will be assembled in 74 cabinets to [...]

First Active Management System installed in Mongolia

165MW of renewable projects have been connected since 2017 For the first time, Active Network Management has been used as a Smart Grid technique to resolve and manage transmission capacity issues. Location: Desert Solar Power One plant in Sainshand, Dornogobi province Client: A project for Desert Solar Power One LLC in collaboration with Monhorus LLC and UB Grid Consultancy Ltd [...]

ACCIONA selects ZIV as preferred SAS supplier for Energy division

ZIV to provide the complete substation automation systems for ACCIONA’s Substations in the next 3 years Both companies are committed to accelerate the energy transition. Location: Latin America & Spain Client: Acciona ZIV System: SAS, protection, control & communication IEDs & system Energy division of ACCIONA launched last year an international tender for the supply of protection and control systems [...]

ZIV delivers HMI control cabinets to Enel Goias (Brazil)

The second phase of the Enel Distribuição Goiás project continues with the supply of the first units of a total of 38 HMI server control panels. Location: Brazil Substations:  Client: Enel Substation Automation System: ZIV A fully redundant IEC 61850 local and remote control solution supported by ZIV Switches that meets the highest availability About ZIV IEC 61850 L2/L3 substation [...]

Modular switchgears with integrated ZIV relays delivered to several wind & solar power projects in Spain

5 modular switchgears with integrated multifunction relays (ZIV IRF model) and Self-powered relays (ZIV IRS model) have just been delivered to Isotron for Alfanar´s 22.2 MW Soliedra wind project in Soria Location: Spain Substation: SET Escalareta, Valdeabajo, Soliedra, La Estancia, Raya, Raca, Tolosana, Talasol, Peguerillas, etc... Client / EPC: Siemens Gamesa, Alfanar,Metka, Engie, Grenalia, Cobra Energía, Eiffage, GES, Isotron, Elecnor, [...]

ZIV do Brasil commissions two new Substation Automation Systems for ENEL (Brazil)

The protection and control panels for Enel Group at “Conceição de Macabú” and “Piabanha” substations have been successfully commissioned. Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Substation: SET Conceição de Macabú, SET Piabanha Client: Enel Group Substation Automation System: ZIV ZIV do Brasil Both SAS are part of the scope of a contract with Enel Rio de Janeiro to equip 4 substations [...]

Duna & Huambos Wind Parks to be equipped with a ZIV SAS (Peru)

The Portuguese EPC, “CJR renewables” which was awarded the Project by Spanish “Grenergy”, relied on ZIV for the supply of a complete SAS at both substations 138/34,5/22,9kV Location: Chota, Perú Substation: Duna & Huambos 138/34,5/22,9kV Client: Grenergy EPC: CJR Substation Automation System: ZIV relays , Telecomunication cabinets, engineering services Keywords: ZIV e-net Flex Family, IEC61850, GOOSE, HV Substation KPLC, protection [...]

ZIV performs the FATS for Calama & Capriconio SA Systems (Chile)

The IEC 61850 Substation Automation Systems tested in Zamudio for GES and ENGIE have been sent to Chile. Location: Antofagasta, Chile Substation: SET Calama, SET Capricornio Promotor: Engie Energía Chile EPC: GES Substation Automation System: ZIV IEC 61850 multivendor The Multi-vendor IEC 61850 system based mainly on “ZIV e-NET flex” cybersecure relays, that will be communicated with the CEN through ICCP [...]

Calama: A multivendor IEC 61850 SAS communicated with the CEN via ICCP protocol (Chile)

ZIV supplies its latest technology in Protection and Control Systems to GES in Chile. A Multi-vendor IEC 61850 system based mainly on “ZIV e-NET flex” cybersecure relays, communicated with the CEN through ICCP protocol. Location: Antofagasta, Chile Substation: SET Calama Promotor: Engie Energía Chile EPC: GES Substation Automation System: ZIV IEC 61850 multifvendor ZIV, GES & ENGIE in Chile Engie Energía [...]

Talasol Solar Plant IEC 61850 SAS – METKA – Eiffage (Spain)

ZIV has been awarded a contract for the supply, configuration and commissioning of the Protection, Control and Communications systems of Talasol Solar Plant Substation Location: Talaván, Extremadura (Spain) Substations: Talasol Promoter: Metka EPC: Eiffage Energía Substation Automation System: ZIV IEC 61850 SAS Greek METKA, a subsidiary of MYTILINEOS, awarded Eiffage Energía the construction of the electric insfrastructure of the solar [...]

Enel Goias to integrate ZIV 61850 Substation Automation Systems (Brazil)

The first phase of the Enel Distribuição Goiás project will conclude with the delivery of 59 protection & control cabinets. Location: Brazil Substations: SE Anápolis Universitário, Campinas e Atlântico. Client: Enel Substation Automation System: ZIV The first 11 ZIV SAS cabinets have been successfully delivered accomplishing on time the initial goals of phase 1. Transformer protection and Line cabinets Phase [...]

ZIV provides a complete SAS for Forestalia´s Wind Farms in Aragon (Spain)

ZIV, in collaboration with EPC company GES, will provide the protection and control systems for the Virgen de Ródanas and El Portillo wind farm interconnections Location: Valdejalón, Aragón, Spain Substations: Tolosana & Virgen de Ródanas Promoter: Forestalia EPC: GES Substation Automation System: ZIV Other cases Contact 132/30 KV, 90/110 MVA "Virgen de Rodanas" electric substation - Purpose: Grid interconnection for [...]

Complete SAS for onshore wind farms in Andalusia (Spain)

Two new wind farms in Andalusia will have ZIV protection, control and communication systems Location: Málaga & Cádiz, Andalucia, Spain Substations: S/E La Escalareta II y S/E La Estancia Promoter: Gamesa Energy EPC: Isastur Substation Automation System: ZIV Other cases Contact The wind farms will have twelve wind turbines, with a capacity of 32 megawatts (MW): nine turbines in La [...]

GES relied on ZIV for the supply of a complete SAS at «Huelva 2020» Solar Plant (Spain)

It is estimated that it will reduce CO2 emissions by 100 million tonnes per year. Alter Enersun already has permits for an extension of another 50 MW, which will be built during 2020. GES has been responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of the plant where ZIV has provided the substation automation systems and commissioning and enginneering services Location: [...]

A Cybersecure Substation SAS for Baca and Raya Substations (Spain)

ZIV will implement the protection and control systems (IEC 61850 cybersecure Substation SAS) in the substations of two new wind farms in Burgos. Location: Castrojeriz & Vallejera, Burgos, Spain Substations: S/E RAYA 220kV y S/E BACA 220/30kV Promoter: Gamesa Energy EPC: Isastur Substation Automation System: ZIV Other cases Contact 31.18 MW of power, with a 30kV underground energy collector grid [...]

ZIV Automation UK Ltd participates in the UK’s most comprehensive network upgrade programme

Northern Powergrid has embarked on a £15 million project to modernise more than 860 of its substation controllers – a move it says will enable the implementation of the smart grid. This element of the firm’s £83m Smart Grid Enablers programme will begin in August 2018 and is scheduled to complete in 2023. Northern Powergrid’s Smart Grid Enablers programme is […]

ZIV and BES deliver successful SAS project in Sierra Leone

For Network Online Magazine  . November 2017 ZIV has helped upgrade and extend a substation in Sierra Leone. ZIV has commissioned a protection, control and substation automation system for Sierra Leone´s Ministry of Energy. It has been a satisfactory overseas collaboration with British EPC, BES Group. British Engineering Services (BES Group) specialises in the supply of electrical services and equipment […]

ZIV Automation solving Transmission Grid stability

For Network Online Magazine  . October 2017 ZIV Automation solving Transmission Grid stability problems by managing aggregated reactive power. Reactive power is needed to maintain stable voltage levels on the transmission network. The replacement of conventional generation with renewable generation is resulting in less reactive power reserves and an increasing risk of voltage instability and collapse. ZIV Automation is currently supplying […]

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