Substation Automation Communication

Communication has always played a critical role in power systems. ZIV´s  wide experience and extense product range for networking, power line carrier & teleprotection applications, enable easy adaptation to power utility requirements.

Over five decades, ZIV has been granted with the confidence of many power utilities that strongly value state of the art devices, backed by 100% in-house development of PLC and teleprotection technology, including the QAM TCM and OFDM modulations; and the vast expertise of ZIV.

The wide international experience in HV  lines is reflected in the development of key features important for the end users, such as different types of modulation to achieve dependable operation under different noise levels on the HV lines, solving frequency congestion using double line filters, or flexible webserver bandwidth to avoid the need for proprietary software.

The ethernet switches bring the necessary capabilities to implement the automation of Electrical Substations according to the IEC 61850 standard, performing switching functions (L2) and IPv4 routing functions (L3).

Power-Line Carrier Systems for HV

PLC Systems for HV lines are part of the power utilitie’s communication network. They are used to transmit critical information related to the operation of the electrical system: teleprotection signals, speech, telegraphy, remote measurements and telecontrol (SCADA signals).

Power line carrier technology has proven to  be the most reliable communication media, even in the event of natural disasters, thanks to its robustness and the reliability of the electronic equipment that has been engineered for an extremely long life.

Teleprotection Systems

The product portfolio covers encoded, single tone, FSK or Teleprotection over MPLS, and the option of selecting some of the most advanced technical features such as IEC 61850 compliance, transits, teed‑lines, double communication interfaces, and webserver user interface.

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