UAPA-1 – High-Pass/Band-Pass Unit

Adaptable Line-Matching Unit for PLC systems over HV lines

Band-pass or high-pass filter configurations available. Can include a built-in differential hybrid circuit.

Key features

  • Designed according to IEC 60481 standard (composite loss ≤ 2 dB and return loss ≥ 12 dB in the selected bandwidth).
  • Nominal power (P.E.P): 400 W for two tones.
  • Distortion and intermodulation: 80 dB below the level corresponding to the nominal P.E.P.
  • Band-pass or high-pass filter configuration.
  • Can be equipped with a differential hybrid circuit.
  • Power frequency insulation: >10 kVrms.
  • Frequency range: 40÷500 kHz.
  • Coupling capacitor: 2 to 10 nF. Specific model for 2 to 12.5 nF.
  • Equipment-side impedance: 50 and 75 Ω. Others on request. Specific model for 150 Ω.
  • Line-side impedance: 100 to 600 Ω.
  • Protection elements: Line side: drain coil (optional), earthing switch, air-gap surge arrester and an optional solid-state surge arrester. Equipment side: gas surge arrester.
  • Optional mounting: line connection at the bottom of the chassis or protection elements on the outside.
  • Box and cover: GRP (glass-fibre reinforced polyester) in RAL-7035. Specific model in stainless steel.



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