TACM-1 – PLC coupler for Low Voltage

Capacitive coupler for LV networks up to 1 kVrms

This coupler is designed to perform the role of interface between the PLC modem and the Low Voltage line, providing galvanic insulation and impedance matching from the equipment side to the line side.

Key features

  • For injecting and receiving the high-frequency signals over low-voltage networks up to 1 kVrms.
  • Provides galvanic insulation (5 kVrms) and impedance matching.
  • Nominal frequency band: 100 kHz ÷ 16 kHz.
  • Coupling type: Phase-Neutral or Phase-Phase.
  • Nominal impedance:
    • Equipment side: 50 Ω.
    • Line side: 50 Ω. Others upon request
  • Peak envelope power: 5 W.
  • Equipment side protection: gas surge arrester (CG-90).
  • Line side connection: through double screw terminal connectors suitable for AWG 1 stranded wire (50mm2).
  • Connection to PLC modem: by means of BNC connector (RG-58 cable).
  • Anchoring: through four holes with a diameter of 5 mm


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