DRMO-1/10K/05 – Voltage Sensors for Air Insulated MV Facilities

Essential Component for MV Distribution Automation Deployments

DRMO sensors provide high accuracy MV measurement for indoor and outdoor air insulated switchgear. They are are a must have device for distribution automation deployments in overhead and underground medium voltage networks.

The compact design enables a perfect fit in MV indoor and outdoor air insulated switchgears.

The DRMO has 0.5% accuracy class, resistive low power voltage transformer (LPVT) . The
replacement of inductive voltage transformers reduces the MV monitoring and automation

Silicone rubber insulation provides excellent dielectric strength and mechanical performance
in harsh environmental conditions. High precision resistors used in the sensor guarantee that accuracy is stable and keep within limits in a wide range of ambient temperatures.

The electronic adaptation of impedance results in a optimal signal delivery to the IED.

Key features

  • Quality backed by more than 5 years of uninterrupted operation in the field.
  • The DRMO sensors are supplied with BNC or TNC male connectors to use with
    standard coaxial cables and with a safety and reference grounding bolt terminal.
  • Sensor output is protected by a gas discharge surge arrester.
  • Easy installation and commissioning make it an ideal component for smart grid
    deployments in MV overhead distribution networks.



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