ACA-1R – Sensor for Distribution Automation and AMI deployments

Resistive voltage sensor intended for installation into a symmetrical tee connector in gas insulated switchgear (GIS).

ACA series sensors and couplers are an essential component for Distribution Automation and AMI deployments. The ACA series provide high accuracy sensors and superior performance broadband PLC couplers for MV gas insulated switchgears. 

ACA series sensors are must have devices for distribution automation deployments. Enabling an unprecedented degree of integration by providing a compact design meeting both mechanical and electrical standards to fit in MV gas insulation switchgears. By combining sensing and PLC coupling in the same device ACA sensors/couplers are an ideal solution for those secondary substations which are automated and communicate using backbone broadband MV powerline communications to connect to the SCADA/DMS and MDM systems. In AMI roll outs ACA couplers provide a high performance communication channel to guarantee the meter reading transmission.

ACA sensors and couplers are designed to fit in MV symmetrical Type C interface T connectors (CENELEC EN 50181). They are provided with BNC male connectors with standard coaxial cables for measurement and grounding terminal for safety. The convenient BNC position ensures a suitable path for the coaxial cable, avoiding tight bends.

The design of the ACA device allows installation in the cable compartments of gas insulated switchgear without the need to increase the size or enlarging the cover and not affecting the IAC rating of the switchgear. Simple and fast installation with standard tools.

Key features

  • Intended for phase to ground voltage measurement in distribution power lines.
  • System voltage (between phases): 24 kVrms.
  • Dimensions comply with UNE EN-50181 standard.
  • Accuracy: ±1% (ACA-1R/10K). ±0.5% (ACA-1R/10K/05).
  • LV output protected by means of a gas surge arrester.
  • Earth connection: M6 rod.
  • Connection to the measurement equipment by means of BNC connector.


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