ZBP-1 – MV PLC Equipment

MV PLC communications – Distribution Line Carrier for urban environment

Main applications: Data transmission in mid-distance levels (urban environment) + Connectivity between Distribution Transformer Centers (DTC).

The main purpose of the ZBP-1 is data transport for services in Medium Voltage Secondary Substations to a Primary Substation. The ZBP-1 is a good option for transmitting data at high speed between Distribution Transformer Centers, using the existing infrastructure (medium-voltage power lines).

The ZBP-1 allows transmission of data at high speed over short medium-voltage power lines. To achieve this goal, the system makes use of an Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) modulation.

The channel is constantly evaluated in such a way that the carriers that are affected by noise or interferences can automatically reduce its base modulation or even not be used at all.

The ZBP-1 is made up of a mechanical chassis, which houses the power supply and digital  modem unit.

Key features

  • Data transmission in mid-distance levels   (urban environment).
  • Designed to ensure connectivity between Distribution  Transformer Centers (DTC).
  • Frequency range: selectable by the user from 2 MHz to 12 MHz or 2 MHz to 14 MHz, depending on the model.
  • OFDM modulation with 296 or 380 useful carriers, depending on the model.
  • QPSK/QAM modulation applied to each carrier.
  • Turbo code by Forward Error Correction (FEC).
  • Transmission rate: to 28 Mbit/s or 36 Mbit/s, depending on the model
  • Distance: up to 5 km.
  • 1 Ethernet port.
  • Line connection: BNC connector.
  • Local and remote management through a console or a built-in web server (HTTP/HTTPS), SSH and Telnet server.


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