Networking & Sensors

ZIV’s portfolio includes networking solutions for distribution networks, broadband PLCs, as well as sensors, couplings and filters for the deployment of smart devices in MV and LV networks.

LAN & Cellular

EMR – Compact WAN Router for Secondary Substations

EMR-2 & EMR-4 models are industrial WAN routers designed for data transport services at secondary substations. Both of them intended for harsh industrial conditions, exceeding the stringent levels of isolation, immunity and protection Key features GSM/GPRS (2G), UMTS/HSDPA (3G) and LTE (4G) transmission technologies. Dual SIM operation to provide access to more than one operator. Fast Ethernet ports with Automatic [...]

SIP – Serial to IP Encapsulator + Versatile Router

Easy integration of Non-IP serial devices into a secure IP network SIP-3 and SIP-5 models have been designed to operate as WAN router and as a serial to IP encapsulation device. They are a versatile communication solution for secondary substations. Key features GSM/GPRS (2G), UMTS/HSDPA (3G) and LTE (4G) transmission technologies. Dual SIM operation to provide access to more than [...]

SW3 – Compact Switch (DIN rail)

IEC-61850 Ethernet Switch for Secondary Substations Small-size switch that fulfills all the required functions to set up a reliable network within a Secondary Substation. Key features Complies with harsh EMC standards. Brings the necessary capabilities to implement the automation of Secondary Substations according to the IEC 61850 standard. Non-blocking architecture. Up to 8k MAC addresses. Mechanical enclosure for DIN rail [...]

UMML – 4G LTE Modem with Worldwide Coverage

4UMML 4G LTE modem provides Wireless Data Communications to enable Remote Control of Smart Grid devices. The 4UMML cellular modem is a compact device optimized for data transmission and using different services offered by the mobile operators. Rapid implementation The 4UMML modem offers rapid implementation of current telecontrol and AMR applications in order to take full advantage of 4G technologies: [...]

Broadband PLC

ZBP-1 – MV PLC Equipment

MV PLC communications - Distribution Line Carrier for urban environment Main applications: Data transmission in mid-distance levels (urban environment) + Connectivity between Distribution Transformer Centers (DTC). The main purpose of the ZBP-1 is data transport for services in Medium Voltage Secondary Substations to a Primary Substation. The ZBP-1 is a good option for transmitting data at high speed between Distribution [...]

PLC Couplers

ACA-500/ACA-36 – Capacitive Coupler

Capacitive PLC coupler (wideband transmission) For injecting and transmitting the PLC signal over the MV phase-to-ground distribution feeders. Key features For installation into a symmetrical tee connector in gas insulated switchgear (GIS). Dimensions comply with UNE EN-50181 standard. Frequency range: 2 ÷ 30 MHz. Coupling type: Phase-to-ground by capacitor of 500 pF. System voltage (between phases): 24 kVrms (ACA-500). 36 kVrms (ACA-36). [...]

CAMS-10K – Combined Sensor & Coupler

Combined sensor & PLC coupler for MV power lines The CAMS-10K is designed to solve voltage measurement and Powerline Communications (PLC) transmission through Medium Voltage (MV) lines for overhead and underground cable, in masonry switchgear and air insulated switchgear (AIS). It consists of one compact block, which integrates a capacitive PLC coupler and a voltage divider. Key features Complete solution [...]

TACM-1 – PLC coupler for Low Voltage

Capacitive coupler for LV networks up to 1 kVrms This coupler is designed to perform the role of interface between the PLC modem and the Low Voltage line, providing galvanic insulation and impedance matching from the equipment side to the line side. Key features For injecting and receiving the high-frequency signals over low-voltage networks up to 1 kVrms. Provides galvanic [...]

Voltage Sensors

ACA-1R – Sensor for Distribution Automation and AMI deployments

Resistive voltage sensor intended for installation into a symmetrical tee connector in gas insulated switchgear (GIS). ACA series sensors and couplers are an essential component for Distribution Automation and AMI deployments. The ACA series provide high accuracy sensors and superior performance broadband PLC couplers for MV gas insulated switchgears.  ACA series sensors are must have devices for distribution automation deployments. Enabling an unprecedented degree of integration by providing a compact design [...]

DRMO-1/10K/05 – Voltage Sensors for Air Insulated MV Facilities

Essential Component for MV Distribution Automation Deployments DRMO sensors provide high accuracy MV measurement for indoor and outdoor air insulated switchgear. They are are a must have device for distribution automation deployments in overhead and underground medium voltage networks. The compact design enables a perfect fit in MV indoor and outdoor air insulated switchgears. The DRMO has 0.5% accuracy class, [...]

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