Protection & Control Relays

IEC 61850 ed 2 certified protection relays for digital transmission and distribution substations.


General characteristics of the “ZIV e-NET flex family”

  • Powerful programable logic
  • 2000 event log. Up to 100 oscillography seconds
  • Alphanumeric or graphic display.
  • 144 ED, 63 SD y 22 LEDs.
  • IEC 61850 ed. 1 & ed. 2 protocols, DNP3.0, Modbus RTU and PROCOME
  • Bonding, RSTP, PRP and HSR redundancy
  • Native process bus. Analog input cards operate as Merging Units for the CPU. Synchronized samples at 4800 Hz (as per IEC 61869-9)
  • Cybersecurity in accordance with IEC 62351 and IEEE 1686-2013 standards. RBAC, secure keys, physical and logical port disabling, cybersecurity event log, and securing of management protocols (PROCOME, HTTPS, SFTP, SSH)
  • Time synchronization by IRIG-B, SNTP and PTP (Ordinary Clock / Transparent Clock

Quick access to ZIV portfolio: P&C relays indexed by application

Feeder Protection

IRF – Modular Feeder Protection Relay IEC 61850 2

Protection relay for distribution feeders, transformers and generators, transmission line backup, and BCU (bay control unit). IEC 61850 Certified ed 2. The IRF is applicable in any substation scheme, from single / double bus, to ring-bus or breakerand- a-half substations. The IRF protection functions are suitable for any neutral configuration, solid-grounded, resistor-grounded, Petersen coil compensated, and isolated. Depending on the [...]

IRL – Compact Feeder Protection ( ZIV e-NET compact Platform)

Multifunction Protection for MV Power Systems & Industry. For Grounded or Ungrounded Schemes Compact Feeder Multifunction solution for MV switchgear, with Load Shedding Function to ensure the stability of the system, Back-Up performing capability in HV lines and powerful built-in Control Logic Module. Key Features 50/51 - Phase O/C. 50N/51N - Neutral O/C. 50G/51G G- round O/C. 50Ns/51Ns - Sensitive [...]

IRV – Feeder Protection (“V” Platform)

The IED generically called IRV integrates protection, control and metering functions for a great variety of applications, such as feeders, machine lines, frontier points, etc These IEDs use digital technology based on a potent microprocessor and DSPs that incorporate Directional and Non-Directional Overcurrent Protection, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Over / Underfrequency, Synchronism, Power Inversion, Thermal Image, Recloser function and others. IRV systems [...]

Line Protection

DLF – Line Differential Protection Relay IEC 61850

Line differential protection relay with distance backup. Both units are suitable for lines of any voltage level, overhead or underground, multiterminal, and single or parallel circuits. IEC 61850 certified. The DLF includes all the protection, control and measurement functions for a power line with or without series compensation, single or double breaker, and single pole or three pole tripping. The [...]

ZLF – Distance Protection Relay IEC 61850 2

Subcycle distance protection relay suitable for lines of any voltage level with any configuration: overhead or underground, single or parallel circuits. IEC 61850 edition 2 certified. The ZLF includes all the protection, control and measurement functions for a power line, with or without series compensation, single or double breaker, and single pole or three pole tripping. Eight distance zones with Mho [...]

ZLV – Distance Protection (“V” Platform)

Selective, Fast and Reliable Protection in Overhead Lines and Cables ZLV relays provide distance protection for power transmission and subtransmission lines. They feature a complete package of functions and protection schemes offering selective, quick and reliable protection both for underground and overhead lines, with or without series compensation. Key features Single or Double-breaker bay protection. 21/21N Distance protection for ground [...]

Transformer Protection

IDF – Transformer Protection Relay IEC 61850 2

Protection relay for two or three winding transformer or autotransformer, of any voltage level, with single or double circuit breaker. IEC 61850 Certificate ed 2 Suitable for phase-shifting transformers, Scott or Leblanc transformers. Can be applied as a differential protection for reactances, SVCs, generators and motors. A fast differential unit, complemented by advanced blocking and harmonic restraint logics and an external fault [...]

IDV – Transformer Differential Protection

Complete and Innovative solution for Transformer Bays and other Machines IDV Relays include all Protection, Control and Measurement functions for Two or Three Winding transformers or autotransformers at any voltage level, with Single or Double Breaker. It may also be applied as differential protection in Reactances, Generators or Motors. Key Features Solid State Trip Outputs. Differential Unit with Percentage and [...]

Busbar Protection

IRV-Z ·  Bus Differential / Feeder Protection Bay Unit

The IRV-Z integrates Protection, Control and Metering functions with the complete functionality of a Bus Differential Bay Unit IRV-Z systems are designed for medium voltage lines, transformers, generators and feeders in general where a complete protection of the position is required, in Substations where it has been planned or it can be planned in the future, the installation of the [...]

DRV – Busbar Protection Bay Unit + Feeder Protection

Integral Protection and Control Bay Unit as Terminal of a Distributed Bus Differential Protection The IED generically called DRV integrates protection, control and metering functions for a great variety of applications, such as feeders, machine lines, frontier points, etc. DRV systems are designed for medium voltage lines, transformers, generators and feeders in general where a complete protection of the position [...]

DCV – Busbar Protection Bay Unit + Capacitor Bank Protection

All protection, control and metering functions required by any Capacitor Bank or Reactance Bay, featuring also complete Bus Differential Bay Unit functionality DCV systems are designed for Substations where it has been planned or it can be planned in the future the installation of the Bus Differential Protection Unit. The reduction of the cost, due to the integration of the [...]

DBP – Busbar Protection Bay Unit

Distributed Low-impedance Busbar Differential + Breaker Failure Protection (Bay Unit) DBN Systems are suitable for substations with up to four or five buses (depending on model), and up to 14, 28 or 32 current bays. Up to 4 bus voltage DBP type bays are available as a function of the selected model Key Features Overcurrent and undervoltage supervision units. Breaker [...]

DBC – Busbar Protection Central Unit

Distributed Low-impedance Busbar Differential + Breaker Failure Protection (Central Unit) DBN Systems consists of one Differential Central Unit (DBC), and a Bay IED (DBP) per line on the bus. The DBN System can be configured to protect any substation scheme (singlebus, double-bus, transfer bus schemes, sectionalized schemes, etc.) up to 4 buses and 28 lines. Additionally, it is also possible [...]

Breaker Protection

6IRV – Bay Control and Breaker Management Unit

Integrated Solution for Control, Monitoring and Protection for Simple or Double Breaker Bays The IED generically designated as 6IRV combines all the necessary functions required for full control, supervision and protection of a breaker. These IEDs incorporates Breaker Failure protection, Recloser and Synchronism Supervision. Also, 6IRV relays incorporate backup protection units like Overcurrent, Over/Undervoltage, Over/Underfrequency as well as Control and [...]

6MCV – Bay Control Unit

The ideal Complement to Protective Relays for Intelligent Management of Analog and Digital Signals 6MCV relays are the ideal support of protection terminals for intelligent management of a great number of analog and digital signals. There are provided both with local and remote control, graphic bay location, logics and communications. Key Features Programmable Logic. Versatility in communications. Supervision of switching [...]

Capacitor Bank & Reactance Protection

BCF – Capacitor Bank Protection Relay IEC 61850

ZIV Model BCF for capacitor banks in grounded or ungrounded, single or double wye, delta or H configuration, with external or internal fuses, or fuseless. IEC 61850 certified The main protection units are differential voltage, voltage unbalance, and current unbalance, all of them with a calibration feature that eliminates the inherent imbalances of the bank. A series of additional overcurrent and [...]

BCV – Capacitor Bank Protection IED

A Complete, Reliable and Economic Solution for most Capacitor Bank Protection and Control Applications BCV relays incorporate protection, control, and metering functions for capacitor bank and reactance applications combining the specific protection functions with complete bay protection in a single IED. Key Features Based on the latest digital technology and designed to provide maximum flexibility and versatility. Voltage unbalance protection [...]

Disturbance Recording.    Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

RTF – Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) IEC 61850

Voltage regulation for up to 5 power transformers in parallel. Parallel transformer regulation by master-slave, circulating current and negative reactance methods. It also includes line voltage drop compensation. Key Features Voltage Regulation. Maintains the transformer output voltage at the setpoint value, calculating the difference between the measured voltage and the setpoint voltage and comparing it with a threshold level to decide [...]

8PRN – Disturbance Recorder

A Compact Solution featuring up to 384 samples per cycle with Ethernet Accesibility 8PRN recorders cover oscillographic applications requiring very high performance signal acquisition and data storage, where the recording functions of digital relays do not meet the application requirements. A typical use of these recorders is in power generation where the frequency spectrum of the relevant events require extremely [...]

6RTV – Automatic Voltage Regulator (“V” Platform)

AVR - Transformer Automatic Voltage Regulation and Control 6RTV units integrate power transformer voltage regulation (AVR) via tap changer control, maintaining the voltage within constant. It is of application when voltage must be kept within constant values with the transformer in operation. Key Features Automatic Voltage Controller (AVR) Tap changer. Remote Voltage Set-point Value Control. Current Compensation. Reactive Current Compensation. [...]

Industrial Relays

SCI – Synchronism Check Terminal

Synchro-Check Protection Relay Synchronism checking between two electrical networks using the state-of-the-art digital technology. The terminals are also equipped with two minimum voltage units, capable of disabling the synchronism measuring element unit, in specific circumstances. Key Features Synchro-check unit. Minimum voltage detection. Serial ports for remote communication (electric and fiber). Related Complete IEC61850 and Conventional SAS. Substation Automation And Telecommunication [...]

FGI – Frequency Protection

Overfrequency and Underfrequency Protection, Metering and Communications Frequency is one of the defining parameters for "Power Quality" in electrical networks. During normal system operation (balanced generation and load) the power system frequency remains stable and usually very close to its rated value. When fault conditions are present or in this situations where the generation - load balance is disturbed, the [...]

TPI – Over / Under Voltage Protection

Over and Under voltage Protection Relay, Measurement and Communications Overvoltage and under voltage protections are usually inverse or definite time type, with tripping times between 0.2 and 20 s. Instantaneous trip is required in those cases where the magnitude of the overvoltages is considerable. TPI protective relays, are applicable in those installations requiring a reliable detection of voltage fluctuations. Key [...]

CPI – Overcurrent Protection

Overcurrent (Directional and Non-Directional) Protection Relay, Metering and Communications The CPI relays are applicable in all of those circuits (feeders, machines, transformers, etc.) where protection against overloads and short-circuits (between phases and to ground) is required. In systems with isolated neutral (67 NA), where high sensitive protection for faults to ground is needed, one directional protection unit is also recommended. [...]

Trip Coil Supervision Relay.         Machine Protection Relays

MXI – Multifunction Motor Protection

Multifunction Motor / Generator Protection, Measurement and Communications MXI relays are applicable to those installations requiring reliable protection for HV and MV motors and small and medium power generators. Key Features Phase and ground overcurrent protection. Thermal image element. Minimum current unit. Current unbalance detection. Protection against locked rotor (LR). Excessive number of starts. Serial ports for remote communication (electric [...]

WDI – Protection against Reverse Power Flow

Protective Relays against Reverse Power Flow If a generator is connected to the electrical power system and its driving power stops while the excitation is applied, the generator becomes a synchronous motor. The main purpose of the protection against reverse power flow is to isolate the generator from the electrical power system when the above mentioned conditions take place. Key [...]

8SCT – Trip & Close Circuits Monitoring

Trip & Close Circuits Monitoring for HV Breakers 8SCT relay has independent trip circuit monitoring elements for each pole. They supervise both breaker positions: open and closed. The unit's four power outputs activate when an anomaly in any of the trip circuits is detected. The 8SCT equipment has its application in the protection of breakers and electrical networks by supervising [...]


ADF – Advanced Directional Fault Detector

Compact RTU with advanced protection, automation, monitoring and distributed generation functions Designed to implement MV automation in RMU & recloser applications with different grounding method (grounded grids, ground isolated grids or compensated via Petersen coil). Key features IEC 61850 protocol used to share information via Goose Messages from one device to another. Coordination schemes supported. Software integration of the current measurement coming from Rogowski coil. Compatible with active [...]

IRS – Self-Powered Relay

Self-powered Overcurrent and Breaker Failure Protection Relay with Harmonic Blocking Where dependable auxiliary power source is not available, the IRS Relay can be energized either directly from Main Current Transformers, AC/DC Auxiliary Voltage or through the USB Front Port. To guarantee the correct operation of the relay, ZIV offers a bistable linear solenoid which perfectly matches the energy output of the IRS [...]

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