DRV – Busbar Protection Bay Unit + Feeder Protection

Integral Protection and Control Bay Unit as Terminal of a Distributed Bus Differential Protection

The IED generically called DRV integrates protection, control and metering functions for a great variety of applications, such as feeders, machine lines, frontier points, etc. DRV systems are designed for medium voltage lines, transformers, generators and feeders in general where a complete protection of the position is required, in Substations where it has been planned or it can be planned in the future, the installation of the Bus Differential Protection Unit

Key Features

  • One single device for the entire protection of the bay.
  • Directional, voltage, frequency and REF functions.
  • 87B and BF with re-trip.
  • High speed trip.
  • Sampling rate: 48 s/c.
  • Glass Fiber Optic communication with central unit.
  • Fault locator.
  • Up to 82 digital inputs and 30 digital outputs.
  • Complete Programmable Logic for bay control.
  • Oscillographic register and fault reporting.
  • Rated input current selectable 1A or 5A.
  • SNTP and IRIG-B synchronization.


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