ZLV – Distance Protection (“V” Platform)

Selective, Fast and Reliable Protection in Overhead Lines and Cables

ZLV relays provide distance protection for power transmission and subtransmission lines. They feature a complete package of functions and protection schemes offering selective, quick and reliable protection both for underground and overhead lines, with or without series compensation.

Key features

  • Single or Double-breaker bay protection.
  • 21/21N Distance protection for ground and phase faults.
  • Up to 6 reversible protection zones with mono or three phase tripping systems.
  • Sub-cycle operating time.
  • 50SUP Overcurrent supervision for distance protection.
  • 68/78 Lockout and/or trip due to power oscillation.
  • 85 Teleprotection schemes for distance and overcurrent  elements.
  • 50-51 / 50Q-51Q / 50N-51N Ovecurrent prot (ph+ground).
  • 67 / 67Q / 67N Directional overcurrent prot (ph+ground).
  • 27/59 Under/over voltage (phases).
  • 59N Ground overvoltage.
  • 81M/m Over/under frequency and rate-of-change protection.
  • 49 Thermal image.
  • 46 Open phase: I2/I1 (current unbalance).
  • 50BF Breaker failure.
  • 27WI Weak infeed logic.
  • 50SOF Switch-on-to-fault detector.
  • 50STUB Stub bus protection.
  • 79 Recloser.
  • FL Fault locator.
  • 25 Synchrocheck.
  • Mutual Coupling Compensation in Double Circuits.
  • Saturation Detector.
  • Load Encroachment logic.
  • Phase Selector.
  • Virtual I/Os for Teleprotection schemes.


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