6IRV – Bay Control and Breaker Management Unit

Integrated Solution for Control, Monitoring and Protection for Simple or Double Breaker Bays

The IED generically designated as 6IRV combines all the necessary functions required for full control, supervision and protection of a breaker. These IEDs incorporates Breaker Failure protection, Recloser and Synchronism Supervision. Also, 6IRV relays incorporate backup protection units like Overcurrent, Over/Undervoltage, Over/Underfrequency as well as Control and Metering functions.

The 6IRV Recloser allows for reclosing either single-phase or three-phase trips or both; four different modes of reclosing operation being possible in order to do so. Furthermore, prior to a reclosing command, it will optionally check synchronism, and this information can be supplied by the equipment Synchronism Unit. 6IRV relays can perform 4 reclosing attempts. The 6IRV-B relay recloser controls two breakers.

Key Features

  • Breaker Failure Protection.
  • Recloser designed to control one or two breakers.
  • Synchrocheck functions.
  • Breaker Supervision.
  • Open Pole Detector and Pole discrepancy.
  • Trip Circuit Supervision:  up to 6 breaker’s switching circuits for both positions (open or close).
  • Programmable Logic.
  • Versatility in communications.
  • Event Recording and Programmable Metering Data Logging.
  • Historical Metering Data Logging.
  • DC Power Monitoring.
  • Alphanumeric and configurable Mimic HMI.
  • Backup protection functions (overcurrent, voltage, frequency, …).


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