IDX – Transformer Differential Compact Protection

Complete and Innovative solution for Transformer Bays and other Machines

The IED generically called IDX integrates protection, control and metering functions for a great variety of applications of transformers and autotransformers. These IEDs use the most advanced digital technology based on a potent microprocessor and DSPs that incorporate
differential protection, overcurrent protection, voltage protection, frequency protection, overexcitation protection and others. Protection and control IEDs model IDX have all the necessary functions to protect, control and meter a transformer, autotransformer or reactance bay

Key Features

  • Solid State Trip Outputs.
  • Differential Unit with Percentage and Harmonic Restraint.
  • Differential Unit without Restraint.
  • Blocking / Harmonic Restraint.
  • Restricted Earth Faults Protection.
  • External Fault Detector.
  • Ethernet Ports.
  • Double Breaker Bays.



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