ZIV e-NET tool 

One tool for all IEDs & Systems.

It provides a friendly interface to program all the IED features and settings, and access all the recorded information.

Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs); Substation Central Units (RTUs); Switches; Terminal Servers;Merging Units; RIO modules

  • Multiprotocol (IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 101/104, Modbus).
  • Graphic Interface (drag & drop mode).
  • Graphic Editor for Logics (IEC 61131, function block diagram).
  • Project mode /stand alone mode.
  • Partial insertion of elements.
  • Automatic mapping of user signals.
  • Third-party IEDs integration.


Software download: As of December 14th , to connect to the Online Profiles Database, version or higher must be used.
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