BCV – Capacitor Bank Protection IED

A Complete, Reliable and Economic Solution for most Capacitor Bank Protection and Control Applications

BCV relays incorporate protection, control, and metering functions for capacitor bank and reactance applications combining the specific protection functions with complete bay protection in a single IED.

Key Features

  • Based on the latest digital technology and designed to provide maximum flexibility and versatility.
  • Voltage unbalance protection scheme with a neutral unbalance compensation function that achieves ideal sensitivity and selectivity to protect either grounded or ungrounded shunt capacitor banks according to the guidelines of the IEEE C37.99-2000 Guide for the Protection of Shunt Capacitor Banks.
  • The unbalance scheme utilizes the existing bus PTs and requires only one additional voltage-sensing device in the capacitor bank neutral, providing economic benefits over other schemes.
  • The BCV-C can be applied to externally fused, internally fused and fuseless capacitor banks, being suitable for detecting faults on the individual elements of the capacitor bank.


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