DBC – Busbar Protection Central Unit

Distributed Low-impedance Busbar Differential + Breaker Failure Protection (Central Unit)

DBN Systems consists of one Differential Central Unit (DBC), and a Bay IED (DBP) per line on the bus. The DBN System can be configured to protect any substation scheme (singlebus, double-bus, transfer bus schemes, sectionalized schemes, etc.) up to 4 buses and 28 lines. Additionally, it is also possible to include up to 4 supervisory bus voltage IEDs.

The most important features of the bus differential protection are speed and stability under external faults. The DBN provides reliable operation for this critical application, where the large number of circuits involved can cause major disturbances in the grid and the loss of service of major load centers.

Key Features

  • Up to 28 bays and 5 buses.
  • 3 settings group.
  • Easily scalable with new bays.
  • Main Differential and Supervision Differential units.
  • Breaker Failure.
  • Supports mixed x/1A and x/5A CTs.
  • Robust design against CTs saturation.
  • Dynamic Protection Zone Logic and End Fault Protection Unit.
  • Tie Blind Spot Unit.
  • Lockout Function.
  • Glass Fiber Optic communication with the bay units.
  • Cost-effective solution for MV and retrofit projects.



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