Middle East Energy 2020 – H6D10

Meet us in DUBAI to discover the MODULAR meter that ensures reliable data transmission even in the most challenging powerline media conditions

ZIV will be also showcasing its expertise in Substation Automation Systems and Distribution Automation Solutions. With  References in 85 countries and a experience of 25 years developing smart solutions based on OPEN STANDARDS, ZIV is ready to face any technological challenge to meet the customers´ expectations.

Do not hesitate to visit the stand where you will discover ALFANAR´s broad portfolio of EPC solutions for conventional and renewable power plants, allied engineering services and design engineering.

Take a moment to see ZIV equipment integrated in alfanar´s : Substation Automation Solutions, LV systems & solutions, MV AIS & RMUs, 

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Featured solutions at MEE

5CTB – PRIME – Meters & More – G3-PLC modular meter

5CTB is a flexible smart meter that incorporates a special sealed holster designed to host a pluggable communication module (e.g. LTE Cat 1). It ensures a reliable data transmission, even in the most challenging powerline media conditions: eg. noisy, low impedance lines and the like. The PLC service node integrated is automatically identified in the PLC network (plug and play). Direct & VT-CT connected Smart [...]

TCA-D- MV RTU to cover the complete protection of overhead lines

A combination of a remote terminal unit (RTU), a medium voltage supervision system and a control and automation system specially adapted to be used in overhead lines. 2TCA-D (1/3 rack) model integrates all functions required to cover the complete protection of overhead lines and so, it is applicable in load break switches (LBS) where a supervision of the parameters of [...]

TCA-E- Distribution Automation RTU with embedded FPI

A combination of a remote terminal unit (RTU), a medium voltage supervision system and a control and automation system specially adapted to be used in modular assemblies and secondary substations The device integrates all functions required to cover the complete protection of modular assemblies and so, it is applicable in secondary substations and overhead line switchgear, where a supervision of [...]

IRS – Self Powered Relay

Self powered Overcurrent and Breaker Failure Protection Relay with Harmonic Blocking Where dependable auxiliary power source is not available, the IRS Relay can be energized either directly from Main Current Transformers, AC/DC Auxiliary Voltage or through the USB Front Port. To guarantee the correct operation of the relay, ZIV offers a bistable linear solenoid which perfectly matches the energy output of the [...]

IRF – Modular Feeder Protection Relay IEC 61850 2

Protection relay for distribution feeders, transformers and generators, transmission line backup, and BCU (bay control unit). IEC 61850 Certified ed 2. The IRF is applicable in any substation scheme, from single / double bus, to ring-bus or breakerand- a-half substations. The IRF protection functions are suitable for any neutral configuration, solid-grounded, resistor-grounded, Petersen coil compensated, and isolated. Depending on the [...]

DLF – Line Differential Protection Relay IEC 61850

Line differential protection relay with distance backup. Both units are suitable for lines of any voltage level, overhead or underground, multiterminal, and single or parallel circuits. IEC 61850 certified. The DLF includes all the protection, control and measurement functions for a power line with or without series compensation, single or double breaker, and single pole or three pole tripping. The [...]

Some cases & experiences

ZIV plays a key role in Iberdrola´s STAR project

Iberdrola’s STAR project is a huge smart grid project consisting on the massive deployment of smart equipment in different locations of medium and low voltage grids. This involves millions of smart meters installed at low voltage end users, dozens of thousands of secondary substations equipped with AMI concentrators, RTUs, and communications integrated in RMUs. Location: Spain Custormer: Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica EPC [...]

Enexis Netbeheer to deploy LTE 4G enabled ZIV smart meters

ZIV has been awarded a strategic contract for the supply of ESMR5.0 smart electricity meters to the Dutch Distribution Company Enexis Netbeheer. ZIV will start delivering LTE meters in 2018, for a rollout that will be completed at the end of 2020. The Enexis ESMR5.0 project develops and implements a next generation Smart Meters, both Single and Poly phase, using […]

ZIV Automation UK Ltd participates in the UK’s most comprehensive network upgrade programme

Northern Powergrid has embarked on a £15 million project to modernise more than 860 of its substation controllers – a move it says will enable the implementation of the smart grid. This element of the firm’s £83m Smart Grid Enablers programme will begin in August 2018 and is scheduled to complete in 2023. Northern Powergrid’s Smart Grid Enablers programme is […]

Enel Goias to integrate ZIV 61850 Substation Automation Systems (Brazil)

The first phase of the Enel Distribuição Goiás project will conclude with the delivery of 59 protection & control cabinets. Location: Brazil Substations: SE Anápolis Universitário, Campinas e Atlântico. Client: Enel Substation Automation System: ZIV The first 11 ZIV SAS cabinets have been successfully delivered accomplishing on time the initial goals of phase 1. Transformer protection and Line cabinets Phase [...]

Middle East Energy 2020 – H6D10 March 2 - 5, 2020 DUBAI DASA, METERING & ev CHARGING SOLUTIONS
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