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5CTB is a flexible smart meter that incorporates a special sealed holster designed to host a pluggable communication module (e.g. LTE Cat 1).

It ensures a reliable data transmission, even in the most challenging powerline media conditions: eg. noisy, low impedance lines and the like.

The PLC service node integrated is automatically identified in the PLC network (plug and play).

Direct & VT-CT connected Smart Meters using DLMS/COSEM Application Data. Data transferred is encrypted using DLMS Security Suite 0.

Additionally, it includes a RS-485 port to remotely access the meter through a modem, using RF technology, and another RS-485 port for connecting an In-home Display.

Key features

  • Bidirectional communication over PLC Open Standards with ZIV technology: PRIME 1.4 / G3-PLC.
  • Robust automated meter reading (AMR) solutions for distribution companies.
  • Energy measurement, load profile and Time of Use (TOU) features
  • Data reading, configuration setting changes, date synchronization and operation of the built in breaker
  • Configurable with ZIV’s meter management software


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