ZIV Automation  is a recognized, international, and customer-oriented supplier of Smart Grid solutions and systems, based on flexible and cooperative innovation, quality and customer service

ZIV provides HV, MV and LV Automation Solutions with a wide range of high-tech equipment and systems

  • Protection and Control relays
  • Communication Solutions: HV Power Lines carrier systems, teleprotections, switches, routers, modems, sensors and couplers
  • HV & MV RTUs, LV supervision systems, controllers
  • Smart meters and data concentrators  (AMI)
  • AC chargers for electric vehicles
  • Systems and Services
    • Substation Automation Systems
    • Distribution Automation Solutions
    • ANM /DERM Systems for renewables integration
    • Engineering Services
    • Training

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A technology-partner that truly believes in innovation, open standards, and system interoperability.

Established in 1993, ZIV has been committed from the outset to crafting solutions rooted in open standards. Our strategy revolves around fostering interoperable and cyber-secure solutions, recognizing their pivotal role in facilitating a seamless digital transition that meets the burgeoning demand for electrification and achieves net-zero emissions.

ZIV specializes in key technologial domains, forming the bedrock for pioneering smart grid solutions:

  • Protection & Control
  • Communications
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Metering

These expertise areas drive our innovation, empowering us to develop cutting-edge solutions for smart grids.

A customer-oriented company with an international service vocation

ZIV works for Utilities, EPCs & IPPs across the globe.

Counts with references in 85 countries.

It is based in Spain, Ireland, UK, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and India, and has a global network of partners and distributors to assist clients.


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ZIV comprises a team of dedicated professionals committed to ensuring Quality, Environmental sustainability, Health, and Occupational Safety

ZIV is committed to R&D and to continuous improvement as expressed in the company QHES policies


Products and solutions are designed and manufactured in several specialized facilities.

  • Quality Management System – Certificate ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System – Certificate ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System – Certificate ISO 45001
  • Information Security Management System – Certificate ISO 27001


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IQNetES SI-0024-2015 2024-04-25

IQNetES SST-0087-2013 2024-04-09

IQNetES ER-0636-1998 2024-04-08

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Policies of the Integrated Management System

ZIV Policies – Rev. March 2024.

Antislavery and Human Trafficking Policy 2024


Technically qualified personnel provides both preventive and corrective maintenance to the complete product range.

Service is provided by specialized teams in the different regions. Assistance is provided on + 34 94 452 2003

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