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AMI What's new? PRIME 1.3 & 1.4  Dual Stack meters PRIME + Meters & More Gateways PRIME 1.3 & 1.4 Data Concentrator HV Communications: Teleprotetion TPU. What's new? Complete IEC61850 Ed.2 server Cybersecurity A new optical line module with SFP interface New 2Mbit/s and 64 Kbit/s line interface modules A new Java-free WEB management system. Protection relays New extended HMI  [...]

4BCC – Uninterruptible power supply

The 4BCC is a secure power supply intended to support smart grids cabinets or complete switchgears. It is suitable for both 24 and 48 VDC battery systems (Lead-gel high performance kits). Key features Secure power supply to support smart grids cabinets or complete switchgears Lead Acid Batteries support – Configurable charge profile 48/24 VDC Output Two different models: 100 W and 250 W power Embedded [...]

ZIV do Brasil – Controlando e Protegendo sua Energia

ZIV está presente no Brasil desde 1999, fornecendo sua tecnologia e participando de projetos importantes para a eletrificação do país, apoiando as principais companhias de energia elétrica. Este mês de maio participaremos da ERIAC XIX apresentando dois papers e as últimas novidades em sistemas de proteção, controle e comunicações entre subestações de energia. proteçãoteleproteçãosportfolioprojetos Todas as funções de proteção ZIV [...]

FBBP – Notch Band Filters

Filters to mitigate conducted disturbances in LV networks Filters designed to mitigate conducted noise generated by domestic or industrial appliances. Key features For enhance remote meter reading. Specially designed to mitigate interferences in the CENELEC-A EN 50065 frequency band (PRIME, G3, Meters & More). Low pass or tuned blocking filter (filter impedance does not affect normal meter operation). Single-phase, with [...]


LAN & Cellular LibraryPlease Login to download secured files (Manuals & Software applications). If you don’t have a User Name and Password yet, please go to the Registration Area. Substation Automation Systems Protections Feeder Protection IRF – Modular Feeder Protection Relay IEC 61850 2 Instructions Manual:  M0IRFA2206Iv23  (04 / 2024) Data Sheet:  H0IRFA1807Iv03 (E)   H0IRFA2203Fv00 (F)  H0IRFAA2203Pv00 (PT)– rev 04.2022. [...]

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Related Metering Solutions

Data Concentrator for secondary substations | PRIME | 4DCT

A metering data concentrator unit (DCU) that includes an advanced low voltage supervisor and Powerline Communication (PLC) controller with network monitoring functions, in addition to remote smart meter management functions. It is designed to automatically identify the meters within its low-voltage (LV) network and operates using the PRIME (1.3&1.4) topology. Key features The Data Concentrator also offers a range of other functionalities including: Remote firmware upgrade [...]

4GWC – AMI Gateway

A three-phase PLC modem or gateway with proven ZIV’s own technology according to METERS & MORE protocol This device is intended for the interconnection of other devices implementing Meters and More PLC technology. This equipment therefore integrates Meters and More modem capabilities and LAN connectivity over an ethernet port. Possible scenarios: Virtual data concentrator which needs  a PLC node to [...]

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About ZIV

ZIV Automation  is a recognized, international, and customer-oriented supplier of Smart Grid solutions and systems, based on flexible and cooperative innovation, quality and customer service ZIV provides HV, MV and LV Automation Solutions with a wide range of high-tech equipment and systems Protection and Control relays Communication Solutions: HV Power Lines carrier systems, teleprotections, switches, routers, modems, sensors and couplers [...]


ACA-1R – Sensor for Distribution Automation and AMI deployments

Resistive voltage sensor intended for installation into a symmetrical tee connector in gas insulated switchgear (GIS). ACA series sensors and couplers are an essential component for Distribution Automation and AMI deployments. The ACA series provide high accuracy sensors and superior performance broadband PLC couplers for MV gas insulated switchgears.  ACA series sensors are must have devices for distribution automation deployments. Enabling an unprecedented degree of integration by providing a compact design [...]

DRMO-1/10K/05 – Voltage Sensors for Air Insulated MV Facilities

Essential Component for MV Distribution Automation Deployments DRMO sensors provide high accuracy MV measurement for indoor and outdoor air insulated switchgear. They are are a must have device for distribution automation deployments in overhead and underground medium voltage networks. The compact design enables a perfect fit in MV indoor and outdoor air insulated switchgears. The DRMO has 0.5% accuracy class, [...]

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