1 ph & 3 ph 1.3 PRIME PLC smart meter | 5CTM/D


1.3 PRIME PLC smart meters that provide robust automated meter reading solutions in large smart grid deployments

5CTM & 5CTD meters integrate energy measurement, load profile and Time of Use (TOU) features. Local
and remote communication capabilities enable complete meter operation. This includes data reading, configuration setting changes, date synchronization and operation of the built in breaker.

A complete and flexible product family

This family of meters covers the needs of consumption points in the low voltage network: single phase meter (5CTM), direct three phase meter (5CTDE2F6 or 5CTDE2FA) and CT-connected 3 phase meter (5CTDE2FO or 5CTDE2FB). Once the smart meter model is selected, a set of configurable parameters helps to completely suit
each measurement environment: programmable CT and VT values, load profile integration period, TOU characteristics, synchronization schema, and many more.

5CTM/5CTD smart meters are operated using DLMS/ COSEM application data. This implementation can be
adapted to different companion standards. Local and remote communication capabilities enable complete meter operation, including remote firmware upgrade to address improvements, regulatory changes, or new challenges.

Bidirectional communication using PRIME technology (Open Standard with ZIV technology).

5CTM & 5CTD smart meters integrate a PLC PRIME 1.3 service node that is automatically identified in the PLC network (plug & play). These meters implement ZIV’s own technology for PRIME open standards. This implementation is proven with more than nine million ZIV PRIME devices installed worldwide. It ensures a robust transmission without distortion optimized also for low impedance lines, without affecting line impedance. High receiver sensitivity and efficient data provide optimized communications over noisy lines.

Key features

  • Segment LCD display with digits and symbols
  • Instantaneous measurements of voltage, current, power and power factor per phase, as well as
    instantaneous network frequency
  • Energy registers (bidirectional active and reactive in the 4 quadrants) total and per tariff rate.
  • Energy load profiles (6 channels) with configurable integration period (by default hourly profile with
    incremental energy values and daily profile with absolute energy values).
  • Three Versatile Time of Use (TOU) modules (contracts) based on an annual tariff structure with
    up to 12 seasons each with a weekly schedule, 12 types of day can be configured using up to 6 tariff rate
    periods distributed throughout the day by selecting the start time. Up to 30 public holidays can be configured as well.
  • Maximum Demand Recording (MDR), total and per tariff rate with timestamp.
  • Monthly and daily billing data
  • Real time clock which keeps the actual date and time of the equipment with an accuracy of ±5ppm (EN 62054-21). Clock synchronization capabilities.
  • Information about power interruptions and voltage variations according to EN 50160.
  • Independent event recording logs with FIFO operation (first event generated, first event deleted) and with
    different capacity depending on the occurrence.
  • Self-Diagnostics and monitoring. Error and alarm flags to provide information about the incidences or operations.
  • Breaking and reconnection elements for remote switching operations, demand control or demand side
    management (only for direct meters).
  • Battery for RTC and fraud events maintenance.
  • Enhance anti-tampering protection system.
  • Secured access and encrypted data transmission.


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