4GWC – AMI Gateway

A three-phase PLC modem / gateway with proven ZIV’s own technology according to PRIME protocol.

PRIME 1.4 certification

ZIV 4GWC gateway PRIME

This device forms part of a remote management system with automatic meter reading (AMR) through the low voltage network (Power Line Communication or PLC). It is intended for the interconnection of other devices implementing PRIME PLC technology. It integrates therefore PRIME modem capabilities and LAN connectivity over an ethernet port.

In summary, the gateway can be used in different scenarios:
• for the transition from PRIME v1.3 to PRIME v1.4

• as a base node for communication with virtual CCTs

• to reach meters in remote locations thanks to its operation as a repeater

  • In Secondary substations with more than one transformer. In these installations just one data concentrator acts as master, and this is connected to more than one PLC base node (one per transformer).
  •  The 4GWC is a compact device that provides efficient solutions in the deployment of PLC smart meters.

Key features

  • Prime 1.4 certified
  • The 4GWC AMI gateway is a purely telecommunications gateway transparent to the upper layers.
  • Meter data are not stored on it as in traditional data concentrator architectures where the DLMS client and AMI database are installed locally in every secondary substation.
  • With the 4GWC, a smart telecommunication infrastructure can be implemented, separating communication service provision from application level functionality and thus being future proof. Thanks to this architecture the data concentrator function can be centralized together with the AMI head-end system, allowing a unified management of the AMI information system.

PRIME 1.4 certification

Tecnalia laboratory has just certified the new ZIV gateway as PRIME 1.4 base node. A robust gateway that will make easier for utilites the deployment of PRIME 1.4 networks. The new standard means an infrastructure upgrade with improved capabilities for LV grid enhanced operation.

Since 2010 PRIME Alliance’s utilities have extensively and successfully deployed and advanced metering infrastructure in the LV grids in over 20 countries worldwide. Now, after over 26 million meters deployed, the necessity to improve the current PRIME 1.3.6 capabilities to support the new Smart grid services and applications has led to the development of PRIME v1.4.

The latest version of the standard includes many improvements. This upgrade seeks an increase in communication robustness and an extension of the usable bandwidth with respect to the previous version of the standard, preparing PRIME for LV grid enhanced operation.

To be ready to address these new challenges, ZIV has developed a 1.4 version of the single and three-phase smart meters and the gateway and is working on the new version of the data concentrator unit. The base node – gateway has just been certified by the Tecnalia Laboratory after a long and demanding certification process. This new model of the 4GWC-L11 Gateway is a compact and robust base node that will ease the transition of the current network to a new improved network based on PRIME 1.4 communications.


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