Automation Devices (RTUs)

Substation Central Units

Altair – Controllers for Distributed Generation Management.

Altair is a Family of High Reliability Robust Controllers for Managing Distributed Generation and Optimising Generation Capacity The Altair family of Generation Management Controllers have been developed in response to industry demand for intelligent management & control of Distributed Generation. The exponential increase in the adoption of Distributed Energy Generation such as Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind has introduced significant challenges […]

TCA-A – MV RTU with FPI function

TCA-A: Directional Fault Passage Indicator (FPI) and switchgear monitoring for Overhead or Underground Distribution Grid. Medium Voltage Grid Monitoring for Distribution networks with FPI function.  Overhead or underground lines. Fault Location solution for semiautomated Distribution Networks through IEC 60870‑5‑104 communications. Suitable for a variety of grounding systems (solidly-grounded, impedance grounded, isolated or compensated-Petersen coil grounding). Key features Powerful programmable logic engine. 2500 event log and five Fault Registers (TCA-D/E 4000). [...]

TCA-C – MV Supervision & Automation RTU for compact RMU

MV RTU with built-in directional Fault Passage Indicator (FPI) for compact 2 and 3 feeder Ring Main Units (RMU). Cybersecure Monitoring and Automation solution for compact switchgears in underground Distribution Networks. Suitable for a variety of grounding systems (solidly-grounded, impedance grounded, isolated or compensated-Petersen coil grounding). It connects with SCADA and Control Centers systems using standard protocol IEC 60870‑5‑104, making [...]


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Project Engineer – Software Systems (UK)

Job description These roles are based in ZIV Automation UK, located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. These are a key roles in a new area for the business delivering IT solutions to customers. The candidates must have relevant experience in integrating and delivering software systems, including requirements management, test environments & platforms, system integration, test, QA, and release process. The candidates must [...]

Projects Manager (UK)


Software Systems Engineer UK (Remote)

Job description This position can be a remote position for systems delivered through ZIV UK and will require interaction and support for end customers. It is a key role in a new area for the business delivering IT solutions and will be responsible for streamlining the test, delivery, and support of these software systems. This includes the implementation of automated [...]

ZIV e-NET tool 

One tool for all IEDs & Systems. It provides a friendly interface to program all the IED features and settings, and access all the recorded information. Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs); Substation Central Units (RTUs); Switches; Terminal Servers;Merging Units; RIO modules Multiprotocol (IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 101/104, Modbus). Graphic Interface (drag & drop mode). Graphic Editor for Logics (IEC 31131, function [...]

SW3 L2/L3 PTP – Substation Switch (rack 19″)

IEC-61850 Ethernet Substation Switch The SW3 is a Gigabit/Fast Ethernet substation switch specially designed to perform switching functions (L2) and IPv4 routing functions (L3).  Level 2 capabilities enable deployment of big scale LANs when the main requirements are: port density, switching performance, and logical complexity. Level 3 capabilities offer routing functionality between two or more configured VLANs, with each VLAN being [...]

OPU-1 – Universal PLC Terminal for HV lines.

A Universal Power-Line Carrier (PLC) Terminal that integrates a great variety of interfaces that allow the simultaneous transmission of analog and digital channels including different possibilities for the transmission of teleprotection signals. Two available modulation schemes for the transmission of digital channels (QAM & OFDM). Key features Complies with IEC 60495 and IEC TS 61000-6-5 standards. Frequency range of 36 [...]

TPU-1 – Universal Teleprotection Terminal for HV Lines

Highly flexible configuration for diverse applications, compatible with IEC 61850 ed 2 standard. It can be used in any available communication media. Key features Complies with IEC 60834-1 and IEC TS 61000-6-5 standards. Complies with ANSI IEEE C37.90.1 and ANSI IEEE C37.90.2 standards. Compatible with IEC 61850 standard. One or two analog and/or digital channels. With two channels, it can [...]

RTF – (AVR) Automatic Voltage Regulator – IEC 61850

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) for up to 5 power transformers in parallel. Parallel transformer regulation by master-slave, circulating current and negative reactance methods. It also includes line voltage drop compensation. AVR Key Features Voltage Regulation. Maintains the transformer output voltage at the setpoint value, calculating the difference between the measured voltage and the setpoint voltage and comparing it with a threshold [...]

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It was a pleasure to meet you. You can download here all  ZIV BROCHURES or use the search engine below to find the solution you are looking for. We hope to see you again. Do not hesitate to contact us to continue the conversation initiated in Dubai.   Thank you. This search engine can help you find further information about [...]


ACA-1R – Sensor for Distribution Automation and AMI deployments

Resistive voltage sensor intended for installation into a symmetrical tee connector in gas insulated switchgear (GIS). ACA series sensors and couplers are an essential component for Distribution Automation and AMI deployments. The ACA series provide high accuracy sensors and superior performance broadband PLC couplers for MV gas insulated switchgears.  ACA series sensors are must have devices for distribution automation deployments. Enabling an unprecedented degree of integration by providing a compact design [...]

DRMO-1/10K/05 – Voltage Sensors for Air Insulated MV Facilities

Essential Component for MV Distribution Automation Deployments DRMO sensors provide high accuracy MV measurement for indoor and outdoor air insulated switchgear. They are are a must have device for distribution automation deployments in overhead and underground medium voltage networks. The compact design enables a perfect fit in MV indoor and outdoor air insulated switchgears. The DRMO has 0.5% accuracy class, [...]

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