4SLV – Advanced low voltage supervision solution

Advanced low voltage supervision solution to monitor LV fuse panels and outgoing feeders.

It provides full visibility of the LV network, by monitoring each one of the outputs of the LV fuse boards, to enable advanced supervision functionality. The solution consists of current sensors (LPCT), measurement units (5CTI) and a controller (4SLV) that fare either integrated in the LV panel or in a cabinet. The measurement data and events are transmitted to a head end system to enable applications such as energy balancing, phase load balancing or feeder mapping of meters.

Combined with ZIV’s MV monitoring systems it allows monitoring distribution transformers and operating smart transformers.

  • Secondary substation LV feeder advanced supervision: Allows monitoring every LV feeder output of the low voltage switchboard on the secondary (LV side) of the Distribution Transformer (DT). It enables the implementation of advanced low voltage monitoring functionality such as detection of blown fuses, load imbalances among the feeders and phases, quality of supply assessment…Combining smart meter data and energy balancing allows identifying technical and non-technical losses.
  • Earth fault detection: For the detection of earth faults in LV networks, which are masked by the load current due to the low fault current, 4SLV provides two methods: one based on the neutral to earth current and another in the neutral to earth voltage.
  • Mapping of meters to feeders: 5CTI provides two methods to determine the electrical location of the meters and obtain a reliable topological information of the LV network: load variations and PLC signal strength. This information helps in reducing the impact of LV power outages and in improving the information to clients.
  • Power Quality Measurement: The 4SLV controller is also a Power Quality analyzer (licker, supply voltage interruptions, sags/dips and swells, harmonic distortion, voltage variations) class S certified according to IEC 62586-2.

Key features

  • Head of the feeder LV supervisor meters (5CTIs) connected by RS485 bus.
  • Communication with up to 16 LV feeder supervision units.
  • Low voltage Distribution Transformer (DT) supervision function performed by an internal three-phase energy meter.
  • PRIME LINE DETECTION algorithm which gives an up to date LV circuit topology, mapping each end customer meter to the LV feeder and phase in which it is connected.



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