ANM – Active Network Management System

ANM. Adaptive Real-Time power flow, fault level modelling and Control for every level of the distribution network.

Control over active devices like on-load distribution transformers, voltage regulators, capacitor banks and generation control systems to obtain constraints analysis, voltage optimization, power factor control,  fault level monitoring, post fault switching, and more functions to manage the system.

ANC Controller

  • The ANC Controller  is installed at the grid connection point, against a target or desired level. If the voltage level rises too high the controller constraints the generation control to reduce generation until network voltage has reached acceptable levels. The number of constraints is selectable. The System can operate in full automatic mode or by telecontrol.

Communications  Interfaces

  • The ANC controller is capable of being integrated with existing SCADA systems using IEC-870-5-101 , IEC870-5-104 and DNP3 protocols. Other protocols are available on request. The ANC controller is also capable of integrating with existing substation RTU using a variety of industry standard protocols. The ANC Controller can be fully controlled remotely by the SCADA system. The automation functions can be enabled and disabled remotely and the individual constraints can be applied or removed as required by the SCADA Operator.

Windfarm Interface

  • The ANC Controller can interface with the Windfarm Controller in a number of different ways depending on the connections agreement. The interface can be relay contacts to signify constraint levels or a 4-20mA control signal for greater flexibility and control.

Integrated Operator interface

  • The integrated operator interface provides the ability to control the constraint scheme locally , with mode selection.

Network quality Monitoring

  • The ANC Controller incorporates highly accurate power quality monitoring  capabilities which allow the controller  accurately monitor the network voltages at the connection point as well as the power flow, system frequency and frequency on a phase by phase basis.



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