MV Flexible RTU

ZIV MV Flexible RTU

Flexible & Modular RTU / Controller Perfectly Suited to Secondary Distribution Automation

Distribution Automation Platform

The ZIV MV Flexible RTU is a modular RTU / Controller that is ideally suited to low or medium I/O counts. It supports a range of I/O modules including Status Inputs, Control Outputs, DC Analogues, AC Analogue measurements and Analogue Outputs. All modules are certified for use in power utility applications.>>New features

Key features

  • RMU multiple Feeder Monitoring.
  • Directional Fault Detection.
  • Disturbance Recording.
  • Selection of Sensor Interfaces.
  • Setpoint Control of DERs.
  • DER Net Power Management.
  • DER Failsafe Operation.
  • Gateway (protocols incl. 61850).
  • Extensive Cyber Security Features.
  • Secure Web Server HMI (SLD…).
  • IEC61131-3 Logic Automation Tool.
  • Integrated GPS Clock (Option).
  • Two Ethernet & four Serial Ports.
  • Certified to power utility standards.
  • Multiple Master Stations connectivity.

Secondary Substation Platform.

The ZIV MV Flexible RTU with its powerful processor and range of communications ports is the core component of any Secondary Substation Automation System.

The module supports all the standard protocols for Control Centre communications including Secure IEC 104, DNP3 SAV5, IEC101 and an extensive range of legacy protocols.

The ZIV MV Flexible RTU also has the capability of operating as the gateway for virtually all substation IEDs using protocols such as IEC 61850 Client & Server (KEMA certified), IEC 101/104, DNP3.0 (TCP/IP & Serial), IEC 103 and Modbus (TCP/IP & Serial).

RMU Controller.

The unit is used extensively as an RMU / Switch Controller based on its size, interface flexibility, fault detection and cybersecurity. The unit supports a wide variety of interfaces for AC voltages and currents including conventional CT/VTs, LEA (Low Energy Analogues), Rogowski sensors, Line Post sensors and other low voltage input ranges. This ensures that it can interface with different RMU / Switch types.

DER Controller.

The ZIV MV Flexible RTU is widely used as a DER (Distributed Energy Resource) Controller based on its DER Management capabilities, setpoint controls, failsafe operation, interface flexibility and cybersecurity.

The unit can operate as a standalone DER Controller managing the power import/export limits from a particular DER site or as part of an integrated ANM (Active Network Management) scheme or both.



MV flexible RTU by ZIV


  • Instructions Manual: ZIV MV Flexible RTU · Distribution Automation Platform MMVFLXIBLERTU2403Iv00
  • Data Sheet: ZIV MV Flexible RTU · Distribution Automation Platform HMVFLEXIBLERTUIv00 New Features Rev. 00 / 03.2024
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