TCA-A – MV RTU with FPI function

TCA-A: Directional Fault Passage Indicator (FPI) and switchgear monitoring for Overhead or Underground Distribution Grid.

Medium Voltage Grid Monitoring for Distribution networks with FPI function.  Overhead or underground lines. Fault Location solution for semiautomated Distribution Networks through IEC 60870‑5‑104 communications. Suitable for a variety of grounding systems (solidly-grounded, impedance grounded, isolated or compensated-Petersen coil grounding).

Key features

  • Powerful programmable logic engine.
  • 2500 event log and five Fault Registers (TCA-D/E 4000).
  • Oscillography recorder (five COMTRADE files and a sampling rate of 7200 Hz).
  • Diagnosis and Maintenance WebUI.
  • Directional FPI embedded function.
  • Up to 12 digital inputs.
  • 7 digital outputs for signalling.
  • 6 analog channels: 3 for voltage and 3 for current.
  • 1 residual current analog channel for isolated grounding networks.




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