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MV grid intelligence 

The introduction of advanced monitoring and control functions into the medium voltage distribution grid, required to achieve the data and capabilities demanded by the modern smart grid, requires specific technology developments.

The distribution grid is vast, the number of equipment required is huge, and dependability, reliability, product cost and installation costs are key factors to take into account. As a result of this, new solutions are required in order to efficiently deploy smart grid functionality in the MV grid.


Smart RMU, reclosers (+)

MV automation solutions in RMUs, reclosers, transformers with tap changers with automated setpoints, fault pass detection units and advanced protection devices, sensors and communications, are all part of the technology components which will be implemented in the MV grid to deploy the smart grid of the future.

The LV grid will benefit from the millions of smart meters which become LV monitoring points generating big data that can be processed and analyzed to improve grid operation and optimize the efficiency to lower CO2 emissions


Renewables Intergration (DER)

ANM Systems accelerate the integration of Distributed Generation sites onto their distribution network whilst managing the impact that this additional generation has on network operations. They provide control systems that:

  • allow control of windfarms export by the utilities in order to provide the necessary voltage support whilst respecting the networks voltage and thermal constraints.
  • monitor analogue and digital values at specific points, and make decisions on the network to determine if the connected distributed generation power stations are allowed to generate at full capacity or must be constrained.

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