ZIV and EZEETEC trained KPLC enginneers in Nairobi (Kenya)

ZIV and EZEETEC engineers shared 5 days on a training course in Nairobi with KPLC team. The onsite training at the Steel Billets substation was focused on troubleshooting techniques and communications between the protection relays to the RTU and from the RTU to the national control center., #IEC61850 Multivendor SAS

  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Substation: Steel billets, Cigiri & Cianda 66/11kV
  • Client: KPLC (Kenya Power and Lighting Company)
  • Substation Automation System: ZIV relays “V Family” and substation  gateway – CPT model
  • Keywords: ZIV Flex Family, IEC61850, GOOSE, HV Substation KPLC, protection relay, Africa

A complete SAS for Steel Billets, Cigiri & Cianda 66/11kV substations

ZIV Automation, together with his Kenyan partner the EPC EZEETEC supplied the protection and control for the three 66/11kV substations. Those projects came up after several other projects commissioned with the transmission utility KETRACO (Kenya) and a successful pilot project in Nakuru (Kenya) for KPLC.

To support the KPLC enginneers in charge of the substations ZIV organized a week of training focused on the 3 Substation Automation Systems, the configuration of the protection relays and on-site trouble-shooting.

The substations were equipped with ZIV line protection relays (ZLV), transformer protection relays (IDV), AVR relays (RTV), BCU & back up relays (7IRV) and ZIV Remote Terminal Unit with redundancy (CPT).

Onsite training

  • Day 1: ZIV Automation portfolio and Flex family training. Training on the ZIV software ZIV e-NET Tool to configure the protection relays and the RTU.
  • Day 2: Training on the software ZIV e-Net tool, focused on programming the protection relay 7IRV (with HMI).
  • Day 3 /4 /5: The Training at the substation Steel Billets was focused on troubleshooting techniques and communications between the protection relays to the RTU and from the RTU to national control center.

Thank you!

It was a great week of exchange and sharing with the skilled engineer from KPLC and show case our portfolio of protection & control system. We would like to give a special thanks to KPLC for their warm welcome and sharing their infrastructure for the training as well as EZEETEC our trusting Kenyan partner to support us on organizing this successful training.



The Kenya Power & Lighting Plc. owns and operates most of the electricity transmission and distribution system in the country and sells electricity to over 7.5 million customers by January of 2020.

The Company’s key mandate is to plan for sufficient electricity generation and transmission capacity to meet demand; building and maintaining the power distribution and transmission network and retailing of electricity to its customers.

The Government has a controlling stake at 50.1% of shareholding with private investors at 49.9%. Kenya Power is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange.



Ezeetec Limited is a multi-disciplined engineering company that was incorporated in 2003, and commenced operations in 2008 specializing in Electrical Engineering Works. The company has since diversified into Electro-Mechanical and Building Works.


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