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Some Success Stories | Digitalizing the distribution network

SSEN picks ZIV´s Active Network Management Solutions

SSEN picks ZIV automation to help deliver a smarter energy system for its 3.8 million customers Location: UK Custormer: SSEN Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks EPC / Partner: N/A Distribution Automation System: ZIV Keywords: Active Network Management, ANM, SSEN, Smart grid, renewables integration, Distribution Grid Digitalization Other cases Contact Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) following a competitive tendering process has [...]

Distribution Network Automation – Puglia Active Network

ZIV delivers MV automation intelligent electronic devices for the Puglia Active Network deployment in Italy Location: Puglia, Italy Custormer: Enel Distribuzione EPC / Partner: N/A MV Automation System: ZIV Keywords: RGDM, IEC61850, GOOSE, Distributed MV Line Automation, PAN, Puglia Active Network Other cases Contact An advanced directional fault passage detector able to trip a MV circuit breaker and isolate the [...]

ZIV plays a key role in Iberdrola´s STAR project

Iberdrola’s STAR project is a huge smart grid project consisting on the massive deployment of smart equipment in different locations of medium and low voltage grids. This involves millions of smart meters installed at low voltage end users, dozens of thousands of secondary substations equipped with AMI concentrators, RTUs, and communications integrated in RMUs. Location: Spain Custormer: Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica EPC [...]

Solutions for MV switchgears, RMUs, OHLBS and ANM systems

Compact switchgear (RMU) Automation Solutions

Cybersecure Monitoring and Automation solution for non-extensible Ring Main Units (RMU) in underground distribution networks. Suitable for a variety of grounding systems (solidly-grounded, impedance grounded, isolated or compensated-Petersen coil grounding). It connects with SCADA and Control Centers systems using standard protocol IEC 60870-5-104, making FLISR solutions possible for Distribution System Operators (DSO). TCA-C product data sheet:  F0TCAC1811Iv00 {{ vc_btn:title=Other+Solutions&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.zivautomation.com%252Fdistribution_automation%252Fdistribution-automation-solutions%252F%7Ctitle%3ADistribution%2520Automation%2520Solutions%7C%7C }} [...]

Overhead LBS – Load Break Switch Control Cabinets

LBS Control Cabinet. Complete and standalone solution for overhead line operation based on Cybersecure Monitoring and Automation solutions. It comprises the controller, the power supply and a variety of communications interfaces. By means of private or public communication networks, it connects field devices with SCADA and Control Centers systems.  Standard protocols (IEC 60870-5-104) enabling automated FLISR are used. As a [...]

Directional Protection Relay for Distributed Network Operation

Application requirements Communications media with Low Latency and High rate bandwidth (FO, 4G) Distribution networks with Automatic Circuit Breakers (ACB), underground or overhead switchgear --> Real operation capacity in fault conditions {{ vc_btn:title=Other+Solutions&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.zivautomation.com%252Fdistribution_automation%252Fdistribution-automation-solutions%252F%7Ctitle%3ADistribution%2520Automation%2520Solutions%7C%7C }} {{ vc_btn:title=Use+case%3A+ENEL+-+PAN&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.zivautomation.com%252Fnews-and-events%252Fnews%252Fenel-distribuzione-spa-distribution-network-automation-in-puglia-rgdm-adf%252F%7Ctitle%3ADistribution%2520Automation%2520Solutions%7C%7C }} Hardware- default configuration 5 digital outputs 2 Commands (TC CCx y CAx) 3 Alarm Signaling (TS51,TS67,TS_PRES_V) 6 digital inputs 2 Ethernet ports (100Fx-LC + [...]

Altair Controllers for Distributed Generation Management.

Altair is a Family of High Reliability Robust Controllers for Managing Distributed Generation and Optimising Generation Capacity The Altair family of Generation Management Controllers have been developed in response to industry demand for intelligent management & control of Distributed Generation. The exponential increase in the adoption of Distributed Energy Generation such as Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind has introduced significant challenges […]

ANM – Active Network Management System

Are you looking for a SCALABLE solution? Let us share with you some good experiences: contact now About Altair controllers, USP-020, Xcell Automation Platform Some ANM cases: Active Network Management in the Isles of Scilly; Llynfl Afan Renewable Energy Park SSEN ANM. Adaptive Real-Time power flow, fault level modelling and Control for every level of the distribution network. Control over [...]

LV Supervision

An advanced low voltage supervision solution to monitor LV fuse panels and outgoing feeders. It provides full visibility of the LV network, by monitoring each one of the outputs of the LV fuse boards, to enable advanced supervision functionality. The solution consists of current sensors (LPCT), measurement units (5CTI) and a controller (4SLV) that fare either integrated in the LV [...]

Featured projects

UPGRID Project results – IP over PRIME multiservice subnetwork

Low voltage grid remote control operation, over smart meteting PRIME infrastructure ZIV has explained the objectives an results obtained in the Spanish demonstrator, mainly focused on monitoring and control of LV network. The demo has been carried out in Bilbao area (North of Spain) in a distribution grid operated by Iberdrola Distribución (+ read more) The expectations regarding PRIME based […]

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