Substation Central Unit

A comprehensive solution both for the renovation of existing substations and for new installations.

The CPT is designed to solve all communication and data processing needs with a substation’s protection, control and metering equipment, providing new functions that make most of the information available to these units.

General characteristics

  • The CPT is responsible for communications with level 1 equipment and for real-time database maintenance, incorporation of automatic devices and logic at substation level being possible.
  • CPT devices are also provided with a web server to access the Integrated Web Server (built into the CPT itself) that can at the same time be accessed via web client from any substation computer, serving the purpose of interface between user and system.
    On the other hand, CPT devices may be used to establish communications with the remote control office or SCADA.
  • The entire system can be configured through ZIV e-NET tool software. This program enables the system to be configured to adapt to the substation’s characteristics: equipment connected, signals associated with each unit, representation of the information on displays, logic functions at the substation level, desired functionality, etc.



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