USP 020 – Flexible MV Mutifunction RTU

flexible MV RTU

Mutifunction RTU for MV/LV switchgear applications.

Telecontrol, FPD, MV and LV supervision in a modular device

The USP remote controller is an advanced multipurpose RTU ideally suited to Distribution Automation. >>New features

Its modular design facilitates the automation of different MV facilities: modern compact RMU, overhead interrupters & reclosers. It offers a cost effective solution for extensible MV/LV switchgear applications and LV feeder monitoring. In addition to standard protocols and features, it supports a larger number of inputs / outputs.

Key features

  • RMU multiple Feeder Monitoring
  • Directional Fault Detection
  • Disturbance Recording
  • Selection of Sensor Interfaces
  • Setpoint Control of DERs
  • DER Net Power Management
  • DER Failsafe Operation
  • Gateway (protocols incl. 61850)
  • Extensive Cyber Security Features
  • Secure Web Server HMI (SLD …)
  • IEC61131-3 Logic Automation Tool
  • Integrated GPS Clock (Option)
  • Two Ethernet & four Serial Ports
  • Certified to power utility standards
  • Multiple Master Stations connectivity

Modular Chassis.

5 & 8 slots models. It supports a range of configurable I/O modules, including 16 digital input modules, 8 digital output modules & AC analog input channel modules. Plus 8 channel DC analogue inputs (optional). The AC analog channel module requires 2 slots. All modules are certified to power utility standards.

Programmable Logic & Automation
The USP unit can define internal signals through its programmable logic from both the digital inputs and internal states, and forward them to LEDs and digital outputs. Remote units can also manage and control up to 3 switches / sectionalizers of a compact SF6 RMUs. A 3LxP configuration is the largest application case.

Remote control Protocols & Security
The USP can communicate with a control center or SCADA system using different protocols: IEC 60870-5-104/101/103, DNP3 or Modbus over TCP/IP. All the remote operations are transmitted over secure transport protocols like HTTPS or SSH. Authentication access over LDAP and TACACS+ protocols is supported. Other functions such as remote firmware update and configuration through web server or web services are included.



MV flexible RTU by ZIV


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