Modular switchgears with integrated ZIV relays delivered to several wind & solar power projects in Spain

5 modular switchgears with integrated multifunction relays (ZIV IRF model) and Self-powered relays (ZIV IRS model) have just been delivered to Isotron for Alfanar´s 22.2 MW Soliedra wind project in Soria Location: Spain Substation: SET Escalareta, Valdeabajo, Soliedra, La Estancia, Raya, Raca, Tolosana, Talasol, Peguerillas, etc... Client / EPC: Siemens Gamesa, Alfanar,Metka, Engie, Grenalia, Cobra Energía, Eiffage, GES, Isotron, Elecnor, [...]

ZIV do Brasil commissions two new Substation Automation Systems for ENEL (Brazil)

The protection and control panels for Enel Group at “Conceição de Macabú” and “Piabanha” substations have been successfully commissioned. Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Substation: SET Conceição de Macabú, SET Piabanha Client: Enel Group Substation Automation System: ZIV ZIV do Brasil Both SAS are part of the scope of a contract with Enel Rio de Janeiro to equip 4 substations [...]

ZIV performs the FATS for Calama & Capriconio SA Systems (Chile)

The IEC 61850 Substation Automation Systems tested in Zamudio for GES and ENGIE have been sent to Chile. Location: Antofagasta, Chile Substation: SET Calama, SET Capricornio Promotor: Engie Energía Chile EPC: GES Substation Automation System: ZIV IEC 61850 multivendor The Multi-vendor IEC 61850 system based mainly on “ZIV e-NET flex” cybersecure relays, that will be communicated with the CEN through ICCP [...]

Manuals & Software updates Q2:

Protection Relays

ZIV e-NET flex family Manuals (F models): Distance Protection: ZLF – M0ZLFA1807Iv07 / Transformer: IDF – M0IDFA1807Iv14 / Feeder – IRF M0IRFA1807Iv10  / Automatic Voltage regulator: RTF M0RTFA1902Iv09 and Line Differential DLF – M0DLFA1907Iv06;

Compact feeder protection -IRL: M0IRLF1806Iv08

“V” Platform Manuals Update:
DRV: Busbar Protection Bay Unit + Feeder Protection  M0DRVD1905Iv02 (EN) M0DRVD1905Pv02 (PT) M0DRVD1905Fv02 (F) BCV -Capacitor Bank Protection IED M0BCVA2002Iv02 (EN) M0BCVA2002Pv02 (PT); IDV – Transformer protection:  M0IDVA1810Iv04 (EN) M0IDVA1810Pv04 (PT) M0IDVA1810Fv04 (FR) ZLV – Distance:  M0ZLVA1810Iv06 (EN) M0ZLVA1810Pv06 (PT) M0ZLVA1810Fv05 (FR); RTV – (AVR) M0RTVP1812Iv04 (EN) M0RTVP1812Fv04  (F) M0RTVP1812Pv04 (PT);MCV – Breaker  M6MCVA2001Iv02(EN) M6MCVA2001Pv02  (PT) M6MCVA2001Fv02  (F); DCV – Busbar Protection Bay Unit + Capacitor Bank Protection: M0DCVA2003Iv00 (EN) M0DCVA2003Pv00 (PT); IRV-Z Bus Differential / Feeder Protection Bay Unit M0IRVZ1906Iv01 (EN) M0IRVZ1906Pv01 (PT) M0IRVZ1906Fv01 (FR); IRV – Feeder Protection M0IRVA1810Iv05 (EN)  M0IRVA1810Pv05 (PT)  M0IRVA1810Fv05  (FR)

IRV Feeder Protection  M0IRVA1810Iv05 (EN)  M0IRVA1810Pv05 (PT)  M0IRVA1810Fv05  (FR) //  Mod IRVF  M0IRVF2006Iv00


Communication IEDs

EMR M0EMR42004Iv01_EMR-4_User_Guide_R1-I

SIP 2: Router Version:   M0SIP2R2006Iv02_SIP-2_User_Guide_R2-I  Encapsulation Version: M0SIP2E2006Iv02_SIP-2_User_Guide_R2-I

UAM-4: Band-Pass Unit M0UAM4- R9-I (EN) M0UA-Manuel_de_l’utilisateur_R9-F (F)

OPL-1T: Analogue PLC Commissioning_manual_R2-I_(Pweb): Product_Description_R4-I 


ZIVercomPlus v2.12.3.0 (Rev May 2020 – includes DataBase DB3.42.3.0_Win7_10 : ZplusSetup

ZIVercomPlus DataBase (Rev May 2020): ZplusDBSetup

ZIV e-NET tool zivenettool_setup_1.16r0


CPT – Substation Gateway: M1CPTA2005Iv00(EN) M1CPTA2005Pv00 (PT)  M1CPTA2005Fv00  (FR)

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