ZIV is a technology partner that provides HV, MV and LV solutions to TSOs, DSOs and EPCs across the globe.

  • Substation Automation Systems

  • Communication Solutions

  • Distribution Automation Solutions

  • Metering solutions (AMI)

  • AC chargers for electric vehicles

Latest news:

ZIV is ready for the next PRIME 1.4 Rollout

Tecnalia laboratory has just certified the new ZIV gateway as PRIME 1.4 base node. A robust gateway that will make easier for utilites the deployment of PRIME 1.4 networks. The new standard means an infrastructure upgrade with improved capabilities for LV grid enhanced operation. Since 2010 PRIME Alliance’s utilities have extensively and successfully deployed and advanced metering infrastructure in the [...]

Vendor list | Oman Distribution Utilities

The Distribution Code Review Panel of the Sultanate of Oman has included ZIV Aplicaciones y Tecnología in the Vendor List of Technical Acceptable Manufacturers for protection relays: After the successful approval of our feeder protection relay IRF in National Grid Saudi Arabia, we are pleased to announce that we have received the approval of the Protection Relay Flex Series for [...]

Vendor list | National Grid Saudi Arabia & SEC

National Grid Saudi Arabia has included ZIV Aplicaciones y Tecnología in the Unified Vendor List of “Technical Acceptable Manufacturers & Manufacturing Plants of SEC / National Grid S.A. “ for protection relays: Applications:  Medium voltage – up to 33kV 33 KV plain feeder OH, UG + Incomer Feeder 13.8 KV plain feeder OH, UG + Incomer Feeder High voltage – [...]

New homologations & certifications:

Product updates:

Teleprotetion TPU. What’s new?

  1. Complete IEC61850 Ed.2 server
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. A new optical line module with SFP interface
  4. New 2Mbit/s and 64 Kbit/s line interface modules
  5. A new Java-free WEB management system.

Manuals & Software updates

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