Enel Goias to integrate ZIV 61850 Substation Automation Systems

The first phase of the Enel Distribuição Goiás project will conclude with the delivery of 59 protection & control cabinets. Location: Brazil Substations: SE Anápolis Universitário, Campinas e Atlântico. Client: Enel Substation Automation System: ZIV The first 11 ZIV SAS cabinets have been successfully delivered accomplishing on time the initial goals of phase 1. Transformer protection and Line cabinets Phase [...]

Calama: An IEC 61850 SAS communicated with the CEN via ICCP protocol

ZIV supplies its latest technology in Protection and Control Systems to GES in Chile. A system based on “ZIV e-NET flex” cybersecure relays, communicated with the CEN through ICCP protocol. Location: Antofagasta, Chile Substation: SET Calama Promotor: Engie Energía Chile EPC: GES Substation Automation System: ZIV IEC 61850 multifvendor ZIV, GES & ENGIE in Chile Engie Energía Chile (EECL), a subsidiary [...]

Talasol Solar Plant IEC 61850 SAS – METKA – Eiffage

ZIV has been awarded a contract for the supply, configuration and commissioning of the Protection, Control and Communications systems of Talasol Solar Plant Substation Location: Talaván, Extremadura (Spain) Substations: Talasol Promoter: Metka EPC: Eiffage Energía Substation Automation System: ZIV IEC 61850 SAS Greek METKA, a subsidiary of MYTILINEOS, awarded Eiffage Energía the construction of the electric insfrastructure of the solar [...]

Manuals & Software updates Q1:

Protection Relays

ZIV e-NET flex family Manuals (F models): Distance Protection: ZLF – M0ZLFA1807Iv02 / Transformer: IDF –M0IDFA1807Iv05  / Feeder – IRF M0IRFA1807Iv05  / Automatic Voltage regulator: RTF M0RTFA1902Iv04 and Line Differential DLF – M0DLFA1907Iv01 

IRLF Multifunction Protection M0IRLF1806Iv07 (EN)  M0IRLF1806Ev07  (ES)

6MVC Bay Control Unit Manual; M6MCVA2001Iv00 (EN)  M6MCVA2001Pv00  (PT) M6MCVA2001Fv00 (F)

IRX – Feeder Protection  Manual: M2IRXA1910Iv02 (EN), M2IRXA1910Fv02 (French), M2IRXA1910Pv02 (PT)

IDX – Transformer Differential Compact Protection: M2IDXA2002Iv00 (English) M2IDXA2002Pv00 (PT)

IDV Differential Protection Manual V03 M0IDVA1810Iv03 (E) Fv03 (FR) Pv03 (PT)

IRD M0IRDB2003Iv00 (EN) M0IRDB2003Pv00 (PT)

7IRD-A M7IRDA2003Iv00 (EN), M7IRDA2003Pv00 (PT),

7IRD-B    M7IRDB2003Iv00 (EN)   M7IRDB2003Pv00    (PT)

IDN  M0IDNA2003Iv00 (EN)   M0IDNA2003Pv00  (PT)

Communication IEDs

Teleprotection Manual: TPU-1_R3.13-I 

UAPA: M0UPAA2003Fv11_UAPA-1_ (EN)  Manual_de_Usuario_R11-F (FR)

SIP-3 – IP Encapsulation & Protocol conversion M0SIP3E2002Iv01_SIP-3_User_Guide_R1-I

UMUX universal converter _User_Guide_R6-I

MV PLC equipment ZBP-1 M0ZBP12003Iv03_ZBP-1_User_Guide_R3-I (EN)  ZBP-1_Manuel_de_l’utilisateur_R0-FR   (FR)


ZIVercomPlus v2.11.3.0 (includes DataBase installer): ZplusSetup / DataBase ZplusDBSetup


TCA-D/E- Distribution Automation RTU with embedded FPI: Manual For 2TCA-E Model M2TCAE2001Iv00

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