ZIV is a technology partner that provides HV, MV and LV solutions to TSOs, DSOs and EPCs across the globe.

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  • Communication Solutions

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  • Metering solutions (AMI)

  • AC chargers for electric vehicles

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Latest news:

Advanced Phase Selection for Severe Line Protection Requirements

ABSTRACT This paper describes a new phase selector that operates reliably during many unfavorable conditions, such as high fault resistance, high load flow, power swing, Current Transformer (CT) saturation, converter-based generation, weak infeed. The phase selector is based on the angular relationship between the sequence current components and sequence voltage components. The use of voltages and currents is dynamically selected. [...]

Cybersecurity is much more than a set of functions implemented in a device

Developing cybersecure solutions aiming to make HV, MV & LV networks safer and more sustainable Cybersecurity is a transversal and constantly evolving concept At ZIV we conceive cybersecurity not only as a product plus, or a market requirement. It is something as important as quality or safety at work, that is, it affects the entire company. We will possibly be [...]

FLEXIGRID | The Secondary Substation of the future

Last week took place the 3rd Steering Committee of FLEXIGRID project and the Spain demo-site workshop. The event took place in Viesgo EDP facilities in Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia, Spain) and in the Spain demo-site workshop to visit  one of the installations where the solution “Secondary Substation of the Future” is implemented. In recent years, the energy paradigm is shifting from big-size [...]


We are immersed in an energy transition process that requires agile solutions and a great knowledge of the electric networks. We want to share with you the knowledge in smart grids developed in ZIV over the years. Join us in these series of 20 minutes webinars focused on solutions for medium and low voltage systems, cybersecurity, meters, EV charging solutions, etc… Every Thursday at 12.00 (Madrid). Register now!

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