ZIV is a company that designs, manufactures, and supplies, equipment and cabinets for the protection and control of electrical substations (SAS), smart solutions for MV & LV grid digitalization (DAS), advanced metering infrastructure (Metering) for smart grid deployments, and Electric Vehicle charging solutions.

Active Network Management – ANM – DERMS

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Latest news:

UKs Power Potential Project – DERMS

UKs Power Potential Project based on ZIV technology is estimated to save £19.5M through optimisation of DNO assets. The system allows National Grid ESO to procure network support services from UK Power Networks’ distribution network Distributed Energy Resources actively participate by offering available capacity Estimated to save £19.5M with additional benefits of £23M through optimisation of DNO assets

ZIV to update Brazilian CHEF’s teleprotection system

148 IEC 61850 edition 2 certified teleprotections For 37 transmission lines In 74 cabinets  Remotely managed ZIV signed a new contract with CHESF to update the teleprotection system of 37 230kV transmission lines. The project foresees the provision of 148 units of ZIV´s TPU teleprotection model. The IEC 61850 edition 2 compliant devices will be assembled in 74 cabinets to [...]

ZIV smart meters for Saudi Arabia’s smart grid deployment – SEC

ZIV, and its mother company ALFANAR, have been able to locally produce and deliver 550,000 smart meters to the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), through the Group´s EPC company Alfanar Construction. 550,000 smart meters Dual communication technology: PLC-PRIME 1.4 FCC and NB-IoT A project in cooperation with Alfanar Construction SEC launched the “digital transformation of the distribution networks” project in December [...]

Enjoy now ZIV free webinars.

10 minutes videos focused on key technologies, applications, and lessons learned on systems implementations.

Current & Voltage Sensors

Discover their benefits in just 13 minutes!

  •  Sensors are Low Power Instrument Transformers (LPIT)
  • Low level voltage output for both current & voltage sensors
  • Same and even more demanding accuracy as inductive transformers
  • Connectors and wiring are standardized
  • Their reduced size and weight means = SAVING

About DRMO / ACA sensors

MV Grid Digitalization

A 10 min video focused on MV automation experiences, considering the different phylosophiesschemes, and IEDs. 

  1. Experiences in different types of architectures.
  2. Complete scope of IEDs for different Schemes
  3. Understanding the right approach for each type of client

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