FUTURED – Smart Grid Congress

On Thursday 23rd, we will participate in the  Second Edition of the Smart Grid Congress with a paper developed in collaboration with Iberdrola on ‘PHASE DETECTION IN REMOTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS WITH PRIME PLC TECHNOLOGY.’ .

The following contributors were involved in its development:

  • Xabier Osorio, Senior Software Engineer, ZIV
  • Galder Vizcaya, Metering & LV Product Manager, ZIV
  • Cristina Martínez, ZIV Metering Application Manager, ZIV
  • Iñigo Berganza, Smart Grids – PRIME, i-DE
  • Alberto Sendín, Head of Telecommunications, Iberdrola Spain
  • Iñaki Santamaría, Technical Metering Services, iDE
  • Raquel Ayala, Smart Grids – PRIME, iDE
  • Diego García, Planning and Development, Iberdrola Spain

More information: Smartgrids Congress

FUTURED – Smart Grid Congress November 23, 2023 Madrid, CIEMAT
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