ZIV at CIRED 2024 Vienna Workshop

ZIV will be at CIRED 2024 presenting “Protection of New
MV Distribution Networks”


Our colleague Alberto Castañón will be at CIRED 2024, which this year will be held in Vienna, to present the paper “Protection of New MV Distribution Networks” (Author(s): Roberto CimadevillaAlberto Castañón, Javier García-Villalobos,  David Gil,  ZIV, Spain

CIRED is one of Europe’s most important conference series for electricity distribution engineers. The 2024 Vienna Workshop will focus on increasing distribution network capacity. You can expect to meet representatives of DNOs and DSOs, technical managers, distribution and planning engineers, innovation managers, regulation and strategy experts, power grid engineers, and researchers from both academia and industry.

The work presented describes the problems presented by conventional overcurrent protection in new distribution networks and the advantages presented by distance and differential protection. It also describes the difficulties that these latter protections present and the solutions applied.

It will be a pleasure to meet you in Vienna. See you there!


ZIV at CIRED 2024 Vienna Workshop June 19 - June 20, 2024 Vienna (Austria) Distribution
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