ZIV Smart Grid Solutions

ZIV is an EXCEPTIONAL company, with knowledge in four key areas (protection, control, communications and metering), offering complete solutions for the challenges of the current electrical system.

With a commitment to innovation, to an open and flexible approach, and to teamwork, ZIV has grown to become a leader in SMART GRID SOLUTIONS for HV, MV and LV power systems.

A technology partner with the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to deliver solutions that provide intelligence, resilience and reliability to electrical systems worldwide.(references)

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HV Cybersecurity


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ZIV Substation Automation Systems (+)


The Digital Substation

ZIV designs, manufactures and installs robust and flexible solutions for integrated protection, control and telecommunications systems

MV & LV Visibility


Discover new IEDs for overhead and underground lines

ZIV Distribution Automation Solutions (+)


Advanced systems providing intelligence to underground and overhead MV / LV networks,

to improve distribution grid visibility and manageability, to face the constraints introduced by growing DER, to reduce energy losses and to increase the quality of supply.

Metering & EV

ZIV Metering Solutions

Connectivity is a must to move beyond billing applications

ZIV Metering Solutions (+)


Pioneer in the development and deployment of Smart Grid solutions.

As experts in metering, we also develop intelligent EV charging solutions compatible with Charge Management Systems




Standard based solutions

ZIV solutions are based on imternationan standards: PRIME, DLMS, EEE, METERS AND MORE, IEC 61850

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