ZIV Making the Smart Grid Real

ZIV is a global company, with knowledge in four key areas (protection, control, communications and metering), offering complete solutions for the challenges of the current electrical system.

A technology partner with the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to deliver solutions that provide intelligence, resilience and reliability to electrical systems worldwide.(references)


ZIV soluciones inteligentes para redes eléctricas de alta media y baja tension

ZIV Substation Automation Systems

The Digital Substation

ZIV designs, manufactures and installs robust and flexible solutions for integrated protection, control and telecommunications systems

ZIV Distribution Automation Solutions

Advanced systems providing intelligence to underground and overhead MV / LV networks,

to improve distribution grid visibility and manageability, to face the constraints introduced by growing DER, to reduce energy losses and to increase the quality of supply.

ZIV Metering Solutions

A complete, interoperable and standard based solution portfolio from the pioneer company in large metering rollouts.

Take a minute to discover our PRIME PLC, G3 – PLC radio and LTE meters, data concentrator units and IP gateways. As there are many potential technical approaches for each challenge, it is key to analyze and understand which could be the most feasible solution for you. Let us know your requierement and particular conditions.

There is not just one right answer.

ZIV EV charging solutions

Smart AC charging stations

The range of ZIV PRV charging solutions has been evolving since 2010 to meet the different needs of an expanding market. We present a set of solutions developed in accordance with international regulations that integrate ZIV own technology in control, communications and measuring systems.

About us

ZIV was founded in 1993 to provide innovative technological solutions for the electric energy industry.

With a flexible and open-minded attitude, and a strong commitment to teamwork, ZIV has evolved to become a leader in Smart Grid Solutions with a unique mix of knowledge in protection, control, communication and metering technologies.

Today, ZIV is a team of around 400 professionals, with worldwide presence, serving the needs of both consumers and utilities offering a full range of products with in-house developed technology and related engineering services.

There are many challenges ahead, but one thing is clear, with the support and field experience contribution from customers and end users, ZIV will continue Making the Smart Grid Real by providing solutions born from innovation.


To improve the safety, quality of service and profitability of Electric Systems


To LEAD the market thru excellence in innovative, cost effective, customer oriented solutions.


INNOVATION: always being proactive, offering innovative solutions that using the most advanced technologies provide competitive advantages to users

COOPERATION: sharing the knowledge increases the knowledge. Between specialist from different areas and above all, “teaming up” with our users to better understand their need, thus accelerating the technological progress and minimizing the risks.

NEVER ENOUGH: continuous improvement, seeking for new goals, which motivate us to “look higher”. Never satisfied, as professionals and as an organization.

AGILITY: the agile mentality is reflected in a simple structure, providing users with a rapid and effective response to their needs.

ZIV professionals are the owners and developers of these values.

R&D and International Standards

ZIV is a company comitted to R&D that participates as an active member of several technical fora and standards committees.


ZIV is an active agent for the communities in which operates, offering customers nnovative, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions with the environment and worrying that the professionals within the company can perform their jobs safely

Since 2006, ZIV is part of the United Nations Global Compact, an international initiative aimed at achieving a voluntary commitment of entities in social responsibility through the implementation of Ten Principles based on human, labor and environmental rights and the fight against corruption

Key Initiatives

The promotion of initiatives that generate greater and better impact as an organization and company have been present throughout ZIV´s history. All these actions are perfectly integrated into the normal management of the company, reinforcing the principles and values that govern us. This year we are working in 5 key initiatives:

  • The Global Compact: promotion of its 10 principles.
  • Community Projects: We are currently preparing a new project to make a donation to a Community Project, to be selected from the proposals made by the workers of the company.
  • ZIV collaborates with local Universities and Vocational Training Centers, to incorporate students, trained in the company without completing his studies. E.g. FUNDACIÓN NOVIA SALCEDO, nonprofit foundations, to promote employment. We incorporate recent graduates without experience, with a scholarship.
  • ZIV collaborates with several special employment centers, manufacturing hiring of equipment for the employment of people with disabilitiesE.g. LANTEGI BATUAK. a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote and achieve social integration and employment for people with disabilities.
  • Sustainability: Recycling is essential for the company , therefore we have recycling points, by waste type. This year we have reduced the use of plastic in the manufacturing of meters.

Anti Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy 2021

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