PRV-M – Electric Vehicle AC Dual socket charger


PRV-M is a smart dual socket EV Charger. A customizable & wall mounted charging solution, designed for public or semi-public spaces.

Key features

  • The stainless steel enclosure admits graphics, wraps or lettering for an easy customizable look.
  • The PRV-M allows 2 simultaneous lateral connectors.
  • It enables flexible configuration to charge multiple car brands implementing different connectors (Schuko, IEC 62196 type 1 & type 2).
  • It covers all AC charging modes (IEC 61851-1 modes 1, 2 & 3), with a maximum 22 kW of maximum power.
  • The stations can be installed in groups using master / slave configuration, which optimizes communications and enables dynamic power management to reduce the contracted power of the facility.
  • It supports authentication through RFID using MIFARE proximity cards.
  • It is equipped with mobile communications and OCCP protocol allowing a fast and simple integration in charging networks.
  • Installable indoor and outdoor.



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