SIP – Serial to IP Encapsulator + Versatile Router

Easy integration of Non-IP serial devices into a secure IP network

SIP-3 and SIP-5 models have been designed to operate as WAN router and as a serial to IP encapsulation device. They are a versatile communication solution for secondary substations.

Key features

  • GSM/GPRS (2G), UMTS/HSDPA (3G) and LTE (4G) transmission technologies.
  • Dual SIM operation to provide access to more than one operator.
  • RS-232/RS-485 interface to perform serial to IP encapsulation functions.
  • Encapsulation protocols: IEC 60870-5-101/102/103, DLMS, GESTEL, MODBUS, DNP 3.0, SAP20, PROCOME, Pid1 and Twc.
  • Fast Ethernet ports with Automatic speed detection.
  • VLANs management per port.
  • Local and remote management through a console or a built-in web server (http/https), SSH and Telnet server.
  • SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3.
  • Static and dynamic routing capabilities (RIP, OSPF).
  • NAT rules, filtering and Stateful IP firewall.
  • QoS assignment and management.
  • IPSec tunnels with DMVPN support, NHRP.

Additional and differential characteristics of SIP-5 and SIP-3

Nr. of Ethernet ports 1 port 10/100Base-Tx (RJ-45) Options:

  • 1 or 2 ports 10/100Base-Tx (RJ-45)
  • 1 port 10/100Base-Tx (RJ-45) + 1 port 10/100Base-Fx multimode (MT-RJ or LC)
Service port MicroUSB connector DB9 connector
Serial ports Options:

  • 1 COM RS232/RS485 port in DB9
  • 1 COM RS232/RS485 port in DB9 + 1 COM RS232/RS485/RS422 port in DB9

  • 1 COM RS232/RS485 port in DB9
  • 1 COM RS232/RS485 port in DB9 + 2 COM RS232 ports in DB9
SIM nanoSIM (4FF) miniSIM (2FF)
Power supply Options:

  • 10,5-68 Vdc
  • 36-360 Vdc /60-265Vac

  • 10,5-72 Vdc
  • 36-360 Vdc /88-265Vac
Extra features 2 digital inputs, can be managed via SNMP Datacall

101-104 Gateway optional function: conversion between 60870-5-104 protocol (control center side) and 60870-5-101 protocol (RTU side)



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