ZIV wins Euro 24 million smart meters order from Spanish utility Iberdrola

ZIV has won a Euro 24 million (approx INR 178 crore) contract to supply ZIV single and three phase smart meters to Spanish utility Iberdrola.

This win reinforces ZIV’s undisputed leadership in the Iberian market and consolidates its position as a strategic partner for utilities in smart grid deployment. This order follows a significant order of Euro 17 Million from Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) for the supply of PLC communicated smart meters, won recently.  ZIV’s single phase smart meter model is nowadays the reference smart meter in the PRIME PLC market segment, after the deployment of almost 4 million ZIV units worldwide.

ZIV in line with addressing the growing demand in the market has expanded its manufacturing plant in Zamudio, Spain, introducing new, automatic assembly lines that will be able to produce over 2 million smart meters annually. The company is ready to meet both international and national market demands where Spanish utilities are expected to replace 70% of analogue meters by 2016 and 100% by 2018 and is uniquely positioned to benefit from this regulation, by collaborating closely with the distribution utilities and assisting them in achieving the goal within the timeline.

ZIV smart meters have a proven track record of robust performance, backed by a string of strategic wins from some of the most relevant and innovative European Utilities such as GNF in Spain, EDP in Portugal and ERDF in France. ZIV offers meters, data concentrator units (DCU), distribution automation solutions (DAS) and Substation Automation Systems (SAS).

ZIV’s long standing relationship with Iberdrola goes back a long way in supporting their superior technology demand as a pioneer in smart grid deployment. Iberdrola has been a first mover in smart grid deployment from way back in 2011 with the first AMI pilot in Castellon, Spain, followed by the Bidelek project in Greater Bilbao in 2012, world’s first large scale smart grid deployment, for the benefit of nearly 500,000 inhabitants in Spain.

Commenting on this significant win, a company representative said: “We thank Iberdrola for this important order which reinstates our commitment in providing smart grid solutions to the European utilities to monitor and manage their networks. We remain focussed on supporting our customers to build a modern, efficient grid and improve their overall end-user experience by providing a full suite of smart grid products and services. As an agile company we are already working on new ZIV solutions beyond advanced metering infrastructure to ensure our technological edge”.

ZIV Smart metering manufacturing line in zamudio, Spain

ZIV Smart metering manufacturing line in Zamudio, Spain



Zamudio, September 29, 2015

  • PRIME standard based smart grid deployment
  • Spanish utilities are expected to replace 100% of analogue meters by 2018
  • Reinforces ZIV’s market leadership in the supply of smart grid solutions
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