ZIV to provide smart grid solutions in Portugal

ZIV has won an important contract to supply ZIV Data Concentrator Units (DTC – Distribution Transformer Controllers*) to Energias de Portugal (EDP), one of the major European operators in the energy sector.

ZIV’s 4CTT model is nowadays the reference DCU in the market after becoming the first model certified by the PRIME alliance last year and having proven a robust performance onsite. In addition to several management functions, Data Concentrator Units retrieve and store data from the meters and periodically send it to the Management System.


ZIV bagged the largest lot for the supply of this second batch of Data Concentrators. A year ago, EDP began the deployment of PRIME Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in Portugal, selecting CG as the main supplier of data concentrators. EDP Distribuição, is an EDP Group Company operating in the regulated distribution and supply businesses in Portugal, with more than 6 million clients and 220,000 km network. EDP Distribuição has already installed 3000 DTCs within the scope of the InovGrid project. InovGrid was conceptualised to introduce AMI improvements in the network, benefitting its customers. The target for 2015 is to reach an aggregated figure of 10,000 PRIME DTCs.


ZIV foresees a strong growth in the Smart Grid segment with ZIV solutions, especially after a successful year with key wins from some of the most relevant and innovative European Utilities such as Iberbrola, Gas Natural Fenosa in Spain, EDP in Portugal and ERDF in France, as well as a strategic win in Saudi Arabia that will open the door to a promising market growth in this financial year, 2015-2016. ZIV offers  meters, data concentrator units (DCUs) and distribution automation solutions (DAS).


*DCU is also known as DTC in Portugal.


ZIV Data concentrator unit for secondary substations

ZIV Data concentrator unit for secondary substations


Zamudio, May 26, 2015

  • ZIV selected as main supplier of data concentrators (Distribution Transformer Controllers)
  • PRIME standard based smart grid deployment
  • ZIV smart grid solutions market leader









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